Sunday, April 27, 2008

What is on Chase's mind?

Editorial Note: Today's post is by the "star" of Paws and Pours, the always affectionate golden aka Chase.

Humans are an interesting lot. They seem to be fairly intelligent, yet they can't figure out the simplest things, like what am I thinking. Just to make sure there is no room for error, I had spell out exactly what is on my mind. And of course, since I have to learn English but we can't trouble the humans to learn "dog" language, I even had to take a picture of my note to get my point across. Without much further ado...

So there you have it. The regular poster (aka Mom) is stuck on something called a "business trip". But I'm a little confused as I get to go on trips sometimes (Yuma Sand Dunes were fun, and the snow in Payson was even better!), apparently I'm not good enough for this one. Or maybe it was too long of a drive. Who knows -- no one asked me, I just get to go where they allow me to go...

While that guy in the house is fun to play with, feeds me some good food, takes me for extra runs, and lets me ride in the car (hey guys -- what took you so long to discover that the bank gives out doggie treats), he is no substitute for a little belly rub from mom....hopefully she's be home (and back to posting) soon.

I better get rid of this evidence quick. It sure is fun to shred paper and leave more things for the humans to pick up. Until next time, Ciao!


  1. How freaking adorable! Chase really does look so sad. I hate business trips for this very reason - dont want to leave the dogs! :)

  2. Oh man, Mom come home already!