Thursday, September 4, 2008

Simple Sea Scallops

After a lot of eating out in the past couple of weeks, I was in the mood to make something light and healthy.  We started with a trip to the Phoenix Farmer's Market to see if there was anything inspiring.  Not. so. much.  August in Phoenix is just not conducive to growing much of anything.  BUT, I did find some heirloom tomatoes.  Score! 

Not quite knowing how I would incorporate them into our dinner, I used this recipe that we made a few months ago for inspiration.  Basically, all I did differently was to substitute the heirloom tomatoes for the asparagus.  I also drizzled just a hint of balsamic reduction over the tomatoes.  It was divine!   Even though we've eaten at some of the best restaurants around, we come back to our own little bistro quite often, and can sometimes impress ourselves.  :) 



  1. You know, I almost ordered scallops last night at dinner, but we'd already started drinking Zin. That just wouldn't do! However, I do enjoy scallops, & I need to incorporate more in my "diet"...

  2. That looks delicious! Scallops are my favorite! Unfortunately, my husband is allergic so I only get them at restaurants.

  3. I just adore scallops, there is nothing like that buttery taste!