Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Recap

Hello and happy week after Christmas!  I hope all of you who celebrate, had a wonderful holiday.

I’m a little late with my cookie recap, due to our little one coming down with her first cold.  Which is a translation for baby being awake all night.  She is on the mend, and we are slowly cleaning up the Christmas aftermath.

First, let’s get back to the cookies.  My mom seriously makes THE BEST homemade sugar cookie cutouts.  They are not in any way, shape, or form, healthy, but that’s what makes them so d#$%! good!  Here they are after we did a quick and non fancy decorating. 

DSC01416 DSC01417

I can post the recipe if anyone is interested.  Be forewarned, white sugar, white flour, and lot’s o’white buttah!

After we finished frosting cookies, we went on a little Christmas eve hike.  It was a beautiful day and we wanted to enjoy a little fresh air.  This is a great trail that is practically in our back yard.

DSC01418 DSC01420

The rest of the evening we spent going to church, and enjoying some wine by the Christmas tree.  We made it to bed fairly early in preparation for Santa to come by. 


Speaking of Santa, here is a little snack my dad prepared for us Christmas morning to hold us over until breakfast.  To really appreciate this you have to know that my dad has almost never set foot in the kitchen, let alone prepared food.  Pretty impressive eh?


Santa was good to us all.  I got lot’s of fun stuff including some workout clothes, Lulelemon pants and tank, and this yoga bra.  I also received this new gym bag in my favorite color!


And for the foodie in me:


We have debated getting a panini maker for awhile, and always held back claiming that real estate in the kitchen was a bit to high to store this puppy.  But, we’ve just had the most amazing panini creations at our friends’ house, that we broke down.  I also justified the need with the idea that having a big griddle for making pancakes as Ava gets older would be nice.  muah, muhahaha.  Oh, and Ava got a little foodie gift as well.


Shouldn’t be long before we will all be having some Mickey waffles and muffins.  Thanks Aunt Judy! 

The rest of the week we are laying low, doing a bit of shopping and errands, and getting back to the gym. 

What are your New Year’s Eve plans?  We are staying in for an early night of cooking a nice dinner with friends.  That’s what you do when one couple has a 5 month old, and the other couple is pregnant.  C’mon, entertain me with your plans!


  1. Like you, we have an early New Year's planned. Gotta love those babies :)

  2. Great gifts :) We are going to dinner at Manny's in Minneapolis, not overly exciting but should be fun.

  3. I’ve been up for 26 hrs. I am truly insane. Get home after 3+ weeks away, go groc shopping at 1am, unpack everyone, do the mail, and then crack the google reader. Yes, I love my bloggie friends :)

    and your food, as usual, looks fantastic!

    Its freezing here BTW
    but it sure looks nice on the hike and you and your baby just look so beautiful :)

  4. So glad you had a nice Christmas celebration! Those cookies do look wonderful, I would love the recipe :) My great grandma has a recipe that uses almond extract mmm
    She is getting so big awwwh, hope she is feeling better now. Hope you have a nice New Year's! We're going to a local wine lounge/restaurant & they are going to have live entertainment. Should be fun!

  5. Those cookies look great! (I like my butter cookies!) And the picture of you and your daughter hiking are precious!
    I am headed over to a friends for a NYE party - no babies in my life yet :(

  6. Ava is adorable!!! I have been wanting a griddle too but I'll have to wait until we get a bigger kitchen.
    Happy New Year!!!

  7. Those cookies look amazing! How adorable is your daughter!?!? OMG!