Thursday, December 24, 2009

Future Foodie in the Making

Later today I will share the recipes and photos from our baking extravaganza, but first I had to quick post one of the milestones in Ava’s life that we are particularly excited about…starting solids.

Last week I bought some of the Earth’s Best Whole Grain Rice Cereal.


We decided to hold off until this week to try it, and let NeNe and Pops (Grandma and Grandpa) be a part of this big first.

We started by finding an opportune time between bottles, where I knew she could eat, but wouldn’t be starving and therefore get frustrated in the delayed gratification. It seemed to work, as she not only loved it, but tried to help feed herself with the spoon.


DSC01406 s

Of course I’m already planning the days when we snack together on goat cheese stuffed dates, and lunch on arugula salads with roasted beets. OK, I really don’t eat like that, but it is fun to think of my little side kick helping me in the kitchen and enjoying food with us.

While all this excitement was going on in the kitchen, this bobcat was strolling around our back yard. Scott went out and captured a couple photos as he strolled to the front of the neighbor’s house.

DSC01403 DSC01404

Not only do we regularly see javelina, and coyote in our neighborhood, now we occasionally get an appearance from bobcats, and mountain lion. Ugh, life in the desert foothills.

Next post – back to the food.


  1. Wow a bobcat! Living in the frozen tundra that is not something we would ever see!

  2. The first bites of cereal are so much fun!

    Your daughter is soooo cute!