Monday, December 14, 2009

Is it really Monday already?

Hello!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was bueno!  It started Saturday morning with the “12K’s of Christmas” race.   Everyone running got a Santa hat to wear.  Fun right? 

DSC01304 DSC01307 DSC01314

It’s been a long time since I’ve ran 7.5 miles (like a few years?) but it felt great!  Afterwards we went straight to The Good Egg, where I refueled with some huge whole wheat pancakes.   ‘Twas the perfect post run breakfast.

Spent the rest of Saturday low key, wrapping Christmas gifts and picking up the house.  We discovered that the little peanut really likes wrapping paper.  Here she is “helping” me out. 


I also finished frosting the vegan sugar cookies, that I baked on Friday.   I followed Mama Pea’s recipe, except that I subbed almond extract for the cinnamon.  I grew up on my mom’s cutout sugar cookies, which always tasted of almond and were everyone’s favorite!  I ran out of food coloring, so they are all white.  That’s ok, this was just a “test run” batch for taste.  We’ll be making the “real” cookies (for Santa and guests) this weekend.


Sunday I did a strength training class.  I’ve recently started going to that Sunday morning class again, and it is so good!  I would never push myself that hard in the weight room, so it’s great to go get a full body workout that leaves you slightly rubbery feeling. :-)  We also braved the stores for a little more Christmas shopping.  I, I mean,  Ava didn’t last long…

We came home to start our “Seafood Sundays” dinner.  On the menu, Orange Roughy.  I know, I know, orange roughy is really on the AVOID list as far as fish is concerned, but it is truly one of my favorite fish.  That, and  I haven’t had it in over a year, so shoot me. 

Food and wine 007-1

Steamed with a light soy sauce, saki, and mirin glaze and served over black forbidden rice with steamed veggies.  On the side more kale salad and a nice big glass of Clay Station Viognier!  The viognier was a perfect match to the meal too!  There’s just something about wine that makes dinner seem like a more “special meal.” 


finally a chance to use my Poinsettia salad plates!

I made the kale salad with Averie’s Tahini dressing, and some chopped apple.  Delicious!  Loved the sweetness of the dressing with the bitterness of the kale. 

Do you enjoy wine with dinner?  What are your thoughts?


  1. I just love wine and while I do drink it with dinner I don't really have it with my food.

  2. What is black rice? looks interesting.