Thursday, December 10, 2009

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Mmm…can you smell it?  It’s the weekend – almost here.  I love Thursdays, it’s almost like the anticipation of the weekend coming makes it fun.  My Thursday began with waking up to 37 degrees.  I know that may not sound cold to some of you in the midwest, but it the desert that feels pretty cold.  So, we haven’t done our normal morning walks with the dog, opting to stay inside and have hot tea. 


After a cup of hot tea, I decided to do a little bit of strength exercises in front of the TV.  Scott had gone to the gym, so Ava had to go in the “Jumperoo” and watch me.  I figure we’re both getting a little exercise this way.


I did about 35 minutes which included:

ABS:  3 sets of crunches, 3 sets of side planks and some “mountain climbers”

BICEPS:  3 sets of hammer curls with 8 lb weights, and 1 set of bicep curls with 10 lb weights

TRICEPS:  3 sets of skull crushers with 10 lb weights in each hand,

CHEST:  3 sets of “flys” and 3 sets of chest press, 10 lb hand weights >superset those

Plus a few squat/shoulder presses and a couple minutes of hoola hooping.  Yes, you read correctly, hoola hooping!  It’s an awesome core exercise and really gets your heart pumping too.

Later this afternoon I’m going to a hot yoga class.  I signed up at a studio with a trial – 2 weeks unlimited for $20.  This is an excellent deal, when usually it is $18 for one class!  I went the first time on Tues. and it was hard.  I have never sweat so much in my whole life.  The room is heated to 95+ degrees.  I have to admit, I felt pretty amazing afterwards, and even yesterday seemed to feel stretched and energetic as a result. 


Last night we grilled a whole boatload of veggies and had some tilapia.  I didn’t photograph dinner, but it looked identical to the last time we had it, so here’s the old photo:



(Insert fish above for the salmon here.)  and double the butternut squash portion.

Also, had a couple homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Nom, nom, nom.   

Loved these grilled veggies so much that this morning I had a plate of leftover veggies with about a half cup of cottage cheese for breakfast.  SO GOOD! 

Since it feels a lot like Christmas, I’m going to bake up some Christmas goodies to warm up the house. 

Off to make some of Mama Pea’s vegan sugar cookies!  Check back to see how they turned out!

What’s your favorite Christmas/Holiday treat?

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  1. I love how yoga makes me feel! My favorite Christmas treat is decorated cookies :)