Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NuNaturals Stevia

Hi bloggies – happy humpday! 

I started my humpday with a fantastic, (but cold) 5.25 mile run.  After taking a bit of a hiatus from running in the past year, I’ve been doing a little here and there in the past 1-2 months.  Usually, it’s low mileage (1-2 miles) and pushing the jogging stroller with Ava.  Let me tell you, pushing the stroller while running takes it up a notch.  This morning running alone,  felt easy.  I’m thinking of doing a race next weekend called the “12k’s of Christmas.”  Get it – a 12 K on 12/12.   Ho – hum, I’m easily amused.  I haven’t run more than 5  miles in a few years, but after running with the stroller, and with the momentum of the crowd, I think I can will do it.

Enough about me, let’s talk sweetners.  What do you all use?  Sugar?  Splenda?  Stevia?  Sucanat?  Recently, I received this package from NuNaturals.DSC01098

I have to admit, I haven’t been a big fan of stevia in the past.  I tried the Truvia brand, and it gave me tummy issues.  So, it was with great caution, (and with great isolation) that I gave the NuStevia a try.  Guess what?  No problem what-so-ever.  I tried the simple white Stevia powder in the packets first.  What I really liked, was that it was sweeter than sugar, sucralose, etc.  When adding one packet of sugar or splenda, I typically want to reach for another because, well, I like things sweet!  But after 1 packet of the NuStevia, I was fully satisfied on the sweetness.  I would definately recommend this product to patients, friends, or anyone that wanted to try an alternative sweetner.  As with any sweetner or alternative, moderation is the key! 

Have you tried stevia, if so, what brand and what did you think?

I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite easy appetizers to make this holiday season.  Doesn’t it look so fresh and festive?


It’s so simple, all you do is take Belgian Endive leaves and spread with a Rondele type cheese spread.  I put cranberries on them or just sprinkle in the center.  Always a hit!


  1. I love using endive leaves! This is so pretty! Yum

  2. I've never really been a big artificial sweetner user just because it can give me headaches and tummy troubles. I'll have to look into it!
    mmm that looks lovely and fun to eat! Love the new site name :)