Monday, December 7, 2009

Seafood Sundays

Hi friends, happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  It’s a cold and rainy Monday here in Scottsdale.  It’s making me feel like curling up under a blanket with a book, or baking a batch of cookies to warm up the kitchen. 

I started this morning with a 35 minute swim.  I kind of like that as a Monday ritual, especially after my long (6 miles) run Saturday and weight lifting class yesterday.  I almost equate swimming with yoga.  I find the rhythmic laps and being in the water so calming.  I also feel like it is a good gentle-to-my-body kind of exercise.   So fun!  I’ll tell you what’s not fun though, getting out of the water and going into a freezing cold locker room.  What’s with having the a/c on in December? 

Now to backtrack to yesterday.  After my weightlifting class and before rushing out to spend the afternoon at the zoo, I made a quick lunch.  Spring rolls made in collard greens for the “wrap” instead of rice paper, and a bowl of butternut squash soup (Trader Joe’s brand.) I loved using a collard green leaf for the wrap.  More vitamins, and none of the fuss of soaking the rice paper.   I forgot to photograph, still not used to photographing as much of the eats.  It did the trick, as did a super large Honeycrisp (swoon) apple eaten about an hour later. 

Since it was “Seafood Sunday,” we indulged in a little halibut last night.  First, start with a glass of this:DSC01274

I love using my special Christmas stems. 

On the side I made roasted acorn squash.  I keep it pretty simple with just a touch of maple syrup and salt and pepper.


While the squash was roasting, I put together this nice fall salad.  Lettuce and arugula from my garden!!  Along with persimmon, avocado, and jicama.  Topped with my homemade lemon poppy seed dressing


For the fish, I put a sauce of sake, maple syrup, a bit of miso and fresh grated ginger into the pan.  Topped with a little seaweed and black sesame


Here is my whole fishy-licious plate. 


This was such a nice dinner, but we ended up eating in front of the TV.    Had to watch the Vikings vs. the Cardinals on Sunday night football.  I was actually rooting for both teams.  Growing up in MN, I was always a diehard Vikings fan, but I’ve lived in AZ for 13 years now… 

Anyhoo, in honor of Meatless Monday, I had my very favorite salad for lunch.  And now, I’m off to warm up the kitchen by baking some vegan chocolate chip cookies

How do you “warm up” and enjoy a cold, rainy day?

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