Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fitting in Exercise with Baby

A few weeks ago my friend Renee ( the pregnant chick)  and I were talking about how we will be able to get together for exercise dates with strollers after she has her baby.   It is definitely trickier to fit in a workout with a baby; between feedings, someone to babysit, etc.  Gone are the days when Scott and I could get up in the morning and go straight to the gym, shower there and then go about our day.  But, it is also fun to include Ava when possible.  Our jog stroller, the BOB Revolution, has been amazing.  The car seat adaptor was well worth the extra money, as we have been taking her for walks and jogs since she was a few weeks old. 

There are also compromises.  To get to go to my favorite Thursday morning boot camp class, I give up going to the gym the following day so Scott can go.  Once in awhile I do a home weight workout.  I have all the same weights for my level, as the gym does, I just don’t always have the same motivation.  Then there’s On Demand, Exercise TV.  I will occasionally do an abs program or a 30 Day Shred.  Both are short enough that Ava is fine in her jumperoo and usually entertained by my antics.   Today she got a little fussy, so I decided to include her.


Not only did she love giving me kisses – she made the resistance a little tougher on my crunches.



We both agreed that the best part was taking a little break for a hug!

On to EATS:

Fitting in cooking can sometimes be more challenging with a little one as well.  It helps that Scott and I both enjoy it and feel it is worth it to be eating healthy, so we can trade off cooking parts of the meal, while one of us feeds or bathes Ava.  The other night we made this fabulous meal with sauteed portabella  mushrooms.  (used wine and a hint of buttah for flavah!)


Which resulted in this delicious meal. 

Sauteed ‘shrooms over pureed cauliflower and sprinkled with blue cheese + sauteed red chard and apple. 


Muey bueno!

We drank one of favorite everyday wines with this


This cab from Trader Joe’s is super – especially considering it is only $5.99.  It complemented the earthiness of the mushrooms, and the blue cheese…need I say more?


  1. What a cute picture of you and Ava!

    I have the Bob Revolution as well... definitely worth its money!!! Such a life saver!!

  2. I love the pictures of you and Ava, especially the one of her giving kisses. She is just beautiful.

  3. Love the pictures! Your shrooms look delicious. I wish we had a TJs here in New Orleans. I'm going to look for this wine at WFs :)

  4. Hi hon! Sorry Ive been a little MIA lately :)

    The situps pose with you and your pumpkin' on your tummy is GREAT!
    Love the TJs cab review and for 5.99 in my drinking days, those kind of finds rock!

    Hot yoga. Just a really crowded room at Mountainside fitness w/ the heat jacked up to about 80 and with the bodies in there, it got warm :)

    Mommy playdate...really really want to but in the afternoons for the next 6 weeks I have daily yoga teacher training sessions I should be going to and in the a.m.'s teaching classes or general mom chores :)

    Email me when you have time :) My email program didnt save your email addy.

    Oh and we have a Bob Ironman and put 125+ miles a month on it and have for the last 3 yrs. Seriously, 1000s of miles in that thing. BOBs rock!

  5. Excelllllent workout plan + way to go on such an AMAZING body after having a sweet little BABY!!