Sunday, January 24, 2010


The day started with a present from Ava…sleeping in until 8 am!  I don’t think we’ve stayed in bed that late in over a year.  (Even pre-Ava, we were pretty early risers.)

After a 4 mile run, we came home to a fun breakfast of Mickey pancakes.  Remember this from the Christmas post?  It was actually a gift for Ava, but I think Scott had much more fun with it.  DSC01470

The “pancakes” were more like a cross between a waffle and pancake.  Mmmm…yummy…and Ava enjoyed one too.



For his birthday dinner, Scott wanted homemade crab cakes.  I’m fairly useless in the kitchen due to my mangled index finger kitchen disaster, so Scott was a champ and made his own birthday dinner.

 DSC01597 DSC01598

I was able to contribute by sauteeing the Southern Greens.  (A bag of pre-chopped collards and mustard greens from Trader Joes.)  Left handededly prepared with chicken broth, shallot, a bit of butter and S/P.

For the crab cake and fennel slaw recipes, see here.


Crabby goodness, nom, nom, nom.


One of our favorite reds.


And the hot chocolate lava cake that I made using only my left hand.  Impressive, right?


OK, Mr. Trader Joe may have helped me just a bit.  These were spectacular! They would be great for a dinner party if you don’t want to slave over dessert. 


We actually ate this meal Friday night because our wonderful friends took us to dinner last night to celebrate.  Thanks John and Renee!

Happy birthday, my love!


  1. Awe... Happy B-Day Scott!

    I love it when my daughter sleeps past 7am... such a pleasent suprise!

    Hope your finger is doing better!

  2. I love fennel...that salad looks delicious:)
    Happy Birthday to your hubby...

  3. Happy Birthday to your husband. Pancakes, cute! Lava cakes: mental note for next TJ's trip! thanks

  4. Such cute pancakes! (Ava is much cuter though, what a peanut!)

  5. awwww Ava is precious!

    I love crab cakes. Good dinner choice.

  6. Those crab cakes look delicious! And the pancakes are adorable but not as adorable as Ava :)