Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Week, New Month, New Year…

Yeah, yeah, I know a bit late to the resolution game post huh?  Well, that’s because I really don’t make them.  Sure, I have some goals in mind that I’d like to accomplish each year, but it’s not a time when I overhaul my lifestyle.  My motto has always been to have moderation year round, and it seems to work for me. 

I’m not saying that aren’t things I could change or do better to be healthy both physically and emotionally, or that I didn’t partake in extra desserts/sweets and wine over the past 6 weeks.   But, I don’t feel like there was any time that I really “overdid” or that I need to restrict anything now.  That said, I really like Estella’s “No Diets In the New Year” going on over at her blog,  12 weeks of tips and goals that are not a DIET!  Stop over and check it out!

I really felt that one of the nutrition goals this week was perfect for me.  Drink more water.   Yes, I love my wine, can’t live without my coffee, and really enjoy mid day tea, but water…meh, I could get by without it.  So, I’m going to make a conscious effort to get in 48 oz per day.    I will count my decaf and herbal teas as part of my water intake.  Sadly, I guess I can’t count my wine as part of that.

In regards to workouts, I feel like I already have a pretty good balance there.  I am going on 3 years of strength training 2-3 times per week.  Go Me!  This is huge for me, because in the past 15 years I would go and start a weight routine, only to abandon it within weeks.  I just enjoyed running and cardio activities so much more.  I have to say, now I actually enjoy my workouts in the weight room.  Not only that, I think I am definately in better shape and more balanced than I was when I ran and did aerobics all the time.    My goal for this coming year is to make yoga a regular part of my routine by going to a hot yoga class at least once per week.   I am on the road to making this happen after purchasing a 30 time pass for my yoga studio. 

On that end, I did 45 minutes of circuit training this morning in the weight room.  I feel like I got a great full body workout in.  I’m hoping to get out on a walk in this beautiful weather this afternoon as well. DSC01507

I can’t deny these faces that are eagerly awaiting an afternoon stroll. 

Oh, and my most important goal for 2010 is to be the best mother I can be to Ava and set a good example for her to grow up with healthy habits. 


  1. Yoga once a week is a great goal!

  2. Ahhhh... if only wine could count as water... oh well! We can't win them all!

    Hot yoga is my favorite kind of yoga! I need to make it to class more!