Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Purple Kale!

Hello Tuesday bloggies!  Did everyone make it through Monday?  I tell you, even when you are a SAHM, Mondays are always hectic.  Why is that?  I guess taking time to go hiking early morning at a trail that is a 30 minute drive away didn’t help.  Monday mornings we also have “Tiny Tot Time” at the library, followed by grocery shopping and a trip to Old Navy.  We also have to fit in time to walk the dog, take a couple of naps (Ava, not me) and do some cooking.  All fun stuff, just sayin’ it makes the day fly by.

The other day while shopping at Whole Paycheck, I came across some organic purple kale.  Despite purple being my favorite color, I blew it off at first, and picked up my red chard and other organic greens. Then I thought to myself, wouldn’t a purple kale salad be pretty?   


The picture actually doesn’t do this justice, as it was a much more vibrant violet color before flashing the photo.  I used my standard olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt dressing, and topped with some nooch, avocado, and a smidgeon of diced tomato from our garden.  A perfect side salad to our meal last night, and I happily licked the bowl clean. 

I’m debating a swim or hot yoga right now.  The debate is that the swim would be outside, because I’m not willing feeling up  to driving 20 minutes to our other gym that has the indoor pool.  (Our gym, that is 2 miles away, only has an outside pool.)   The temperature outside says 73 right now.   I’m pretty wimpy when it comes to being cold.  I usually like it to be above 90 F for a swim outside.  (Note, 73 degrees in the winter desert is not as warm as humid 73 degree summer days.)  I’m just itching for a swim though. 

I’ll let you know tomorrow what I end up doing.  I’ll also show you the rest of the meal that I paired with this pretty purple kale


  1. What a beautiful salad!!

    I bet you went to hot yoga :)

  2. Great salad! Also, your salad dressing sounds tasty too.

  3. Great blog! I am a stay at home mom who has dreams of being a RD - I cannot wait to read more!

  4. Your scallops and salad look fabulous!! And what a beautiful little girl you have. I love the name Ava. So glad I stumbled across your blog thanks to Kasey..