Friday, January 29, 2010

Trader Joes Saves the Day

OK, first I need to point out that I don’t work for Trader Joes, nor do I know anyone that does, I just really like their products, philosophy, and prices.

Since the “incident,” I’ve been pretty limited in all facets of normal daily activities.  Showering with one hand in a plastic bag, wearing sports bras because I can’t hook a normal bra strap, having help tying  my shoes, etc.  And that’s all before 7 a.m.  So, to say that cooking has been a challenge is an understatement.  Lucky for me, Scott is a great cook.  But with dinner time falling after baby feeding and baby bath; all of which he has to handle, we’ve been going more the semi-prepared route.  Let’s look at today for example:

Lunch was a canned salmon “superfood” salad

Featuring TJ’s canned salmon (thanks for opening the can Scott!)

Such an easy way to take advantage of getting in lots of omega 3 fish oil. 

DSC01617 DSC01618

I said superfoods, because it was spinach, blueberries,  leftover roasted veggies (butternut squash, cauliflower, brussels, and broccoli) jicama, and fennel.  All tossed in my homemade lemon dressing.  (Made earlier in the day, of the “incident.”)

Then their’s dinner:


I at least fancied it up a bit by serving it on plates.


These spring rolls were excellent.  Very fresh and the peanut sauce was perfect.  That’s saying a lot because I’m very picky about my peanut sauces.

I also Sandra Lee’d the meal by making a little microwave egg drop soup

Directions:  pour 1/2 can of low sodiumchicken broth into bowl and add a few fresh sugar snap peas.  Microwave 3 minutes on high, take out and crack an egg into the bowl, whisk with a fork until egg is separated and cooked.  Add a few drops of sesame oil.  Wallah!


So since my food photos might be less than inspiring, I’ll leave a cute picture of Ava. 


Happy Almost Weekend! 

Anyone have any fun plans?


  1. I'm a huge fan of Trader Joe's too! Their products and prices are great!

    What a cute picture of Ava!!!!

    Hope your hand is getting better :)

  2. Mo, hi! So sorry Ive been a little MIA...
    Blueberries on salad
    The immersion blender
    Beautiful Ava
    The spring rolls & peanut sauce
    the Bday gift
    The crab cakes + fennel
    Too much goodness to recap but suffice to say all these posts have caught my eye :)

    Your finger, ouch, so sorry!
    Glad to hear that you snagged those probiotics. I also really like Jarrow brand, i.e. iherb or vitacost, they are excellent.

    We def do need to meet up! I have a sick lil one and dont want to get your lil one sick :) Do you want to shoot for the week of the 8th?

    email me :)

  3. That salad looks amazing!!!!
    No fun plans this weekend!! Just house projects...they NEVER seem to end:)

  4. The salad looks fantastic! I wish we had a Trader Joe's here in New Orleans :(

  5. Well...look at it this way....this is a great opportunity to try new Trader Joe's products! :)

  6. Great post. I feel bad that I've been swamped lately and have been missing your writing. It's especially interesting to hear your pov on Kombucha. I tend to shy away from anything that people seem to rave over like it's religion because I'm a little skeptical of claimed health benefits. However, I have to say, the taste is much better than what I was expecting. I had it in a mocktail at a local raw restaurant and it was pretty fantastic.