Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blogger Meet Up

Hi bloggie friends!  Guess what Ava and I did today?  We met up with Averie of Love Veggies and Yoga, and her lovely daughter, Skylar.  It was my first time meeting someone who’s blog I read.  Fun!


Sadly, I only got one photo.  But, see Averie’s blog for more. 

We met at Press Coffee Food and Wine.  I love trying new non-chain type places for a good cuppa joe.  Cute place and some fantastic java.  We chatted it up over coffee for well over an hour.  It’s so fun getting to know new people, that I lose track of time.  Both Ava and Skylar were perfect little angels, patiently listening to us go on and on.   We can’t wait to get together again!

Later today I went to the gym for a quick 40 minute weight sesh.  Not gonna lie, it felt SO GOOD.  I got the stitches out of my finger yesterday, and I can finally lift my arm without shooting nerve pain from my finger.  I really enjoy exercise and consider it “fun.”  I think it has to do with having various injuries and illnesses over the years that have prevented me from being able to workout.  I now consider it almost a privilege to exercise and enjoy it because I can.   Came home and took a nice long walk with Scott, Ava, and Chase. 

It was a great day!

Question:  Have you ever met another blogger in real life?  Also, do exercise because it’s healthy, you know you should, weight control – or do you exercise because you enjoy it? 


  1. Hi Mo, it was awesome seeing you today, too!!! Such fun and you're right, both girls were angels. Mine came home and napped well. After seeing you I ran her ragged doing errands :) and then home for nap.

    Enjoy your trip to FL and the finger, meant to ask you about it...hope it's on the mend!


  2. I've meant a couple of bloggers in real life! Its fun!

    I exercise because I like the way I feel. When I don't exercise my body is just off.

  3. I have met a few and its been so much fun!

  4. What a fun meet-up!
    I've only met one before, but will meet a few more soon!

  5. I don't say I ENJOYYY exercise... but I feel like a million bucks after so it's all worth it.

    I am fairly new to blogging and most of the people I have met are farther away, but I would love to!

    Avery is so sweet!

  6. I have never been to a blogger meet up but it looks like a blast! Glad to hear your finger is doing better :)