Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Easy Appetizer Night

Back in my single days, Friday night meant happy hour with my girlfriends.  Countless Fridays were spent eating half priced appetizers, sushi, and having a glass of two of wine, while catching up on our weeks.  Then, after marriage, Friday night was still for happy hour, but typically with other couples, or sometimes still with the girlfriends while Scott played tennis or grabbed a beer with a buddy.  Then, after Ava was born, we’d bring her with us and she’d sleep through happy hour or lately, try to help herself to our adult beverages.

So, I think we’ve pretty much hit the point where she is harder to bring to restaurants, and so we’ve been doing Friday nights at home.  But…we still like to make it Friday night happy hour’esque.

We start with a little vino – a delicious merlot.


Then I pulled these little snacks from Trader Joe’s out of the freezer.  I had not tried them before and thought they sounded good.  Unfortunately, I forgot to buy cucumber so mine didn’t look like the picture.


The dipping sauce concoction that was suggested on the back of the wonton bag, and cocktail sauce for the shrimpies.


I made a few stuffed mushrooms.  The filling was diced up mushrooms, onion, and spinach, seasonings and baked with crumbled goat cheese on top. 

  DSC01709 DSC01712

A Flatbread pizza:  flatbread topped with pizza sauce, tomato, capers, mushrooms, spinach and mozzarella.


Here’s plate numero uno.  


I went back for more of everything except the wontons.  They were kind of blah.  Even with the dipping sauce, it just wasn’t my thing.  Maybe if I would have fried them instead of steaming?  Either way, I don’t think I’ll be getting them again.  Gosh, I think that’s a first that a Trader Joe’s product has failed me.  Oh well, everything else was great and that just left me with a little more room for dessert. 

What are your go to appetizers?  Do you ever make a meal out of appetizers and wine?


  1. Appetizers and wine. Hmmm. I do that about....4 times a week! (kidding, kind of) It is my favorite! Your spread looks marvelous!

  2. A good loaf of bread with olive oil and parm, veggies and hummus.

  3. Yum...everything looks so yummy!!
    I usually have bread and olive oil I also make cucumber salads and miso soup.

  4. I LOVE your happy hour at home! The pizza and stuffed shrooms look fabulous. I love doing wine + appetizers.

  5. ooo! your stuffed mushrooms look wonderful! Hehe, I just noticed that I really like your countertop too....granite? Anyways, I think the happy hour at home is just as cheery.

  6. what a great idea hon! I love all these wonderful! I actually prefer eating appetizers as meals. I like little bites of things. Variety is key! And a good red is a must have! I hope you have a great day!

  7. Appetizers and wine are two of my favorite things in the world!!! I'd rather just have appetizers and wine, skip the meal, and just go right to dessert. :)

  8. Hi Mo
    sorry I have been so busy lately that you have all these fab eats over here..the cinny rolls for VDay! They are vegan but not GF but they do look great...I wish I could try them!

    Appetizers...back in the day, I drank 80% of my calories :) and the other 20% was random appetiezers and my faves are spinach or artichoke dip. yum!!!

  9. These app's look delish; great job...I love appetizers and trying new little dishes...great post!

  10. I second the wontons sounding good + tasting mmmmehk. I tried them at TJs + they did not make it home with me!