Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Have you been struck by Cupid?  What are you doing in honor of the day we celebrate love?  Is anyone celebrating tonight and taking tomorrow (President’s Day) off? 

We didn’t have any plans for the weekend other than Scott’s usual Saturday afternoon tennis league and making some crab legs for dinner last night as our “special dinner.”  Tonight, my mom is flying in to spend some time this week with Ava. 

We both wanted to get a workout in this morning so Scott and I traded off going to the gym.  He went first, and then I went and did a glorious 45 minute upper body workout.  I worked  triceps, biceps, and abs.  As a special treat I showered and got ready there.  (Our gym is also a spa, so the locker rooms/showers, are very nice!)  And on the way out of the gym, everyone received a long stem rose!  So you see, I was already feeling like a million bucks, but when I came home to this…


Well, let’s just say, someone knows the way to my ‘heart.’   Cinnamon buns are among my favorite treats.   Not to mention having the house filled with cinnamon, doughy aroma. 

The recipe came from Happy Herbivore’s blog, so these little guys are vegan and call for  whole wheat pastry flour instead of all purpose, and applesauce in place of the butter for the filling.  So, as far as I can tell, they are actually healthy!  Or at least that’s my excuse for helping myself to one before I even set my gym bag down. 

The whole wheat flour gave them a heartier taste and texture, which I loved.  If you are looking for a light and fluffy cinnamon bun, then these would not be for you.  We agreed the only thing we would change is to up the amount of the yummy filling goodness.   Excellent snack that held me over quite well until lunch time.

And, my valentine was even more of a sweetheart, he took a few pictures along the way…


Dough rolled out


mmmmm frosting!!


Wholesome whole wheat cinnamony love!

Did you notice the heart shaped pan?

And before I bode farewell and head to the airport, this is what we had last year for Valentine’s Day

Food and wine 007


  1. The cinnamon rolls look so good! I love how your husband took pictures of it all :)

  2. Oh my goodness, those cinnamon rolls look outstanding!

  3. Yum, I need to make those cinnamon rolls! They look so good!

  4. looks so good, how nice! I want to make cinnamon rolls now!

  5. Hi again! I borrowed the P90X videos from a friend who has never used them. :)