Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blogger Meet Up and Mixing Up the Workout Day 2

Howdy bloggies!  Having a good Tuesday?  I’ve had a busy one starting at 5:45 this morning and non-stop until now. 

After dropping Scott off at the airport at 6:30 am, I headed back home to get my act together and head to the gym for a new class! 

New Exercise Class Day 2:  Metabolic conditioning.  Class desription: 4 x 1min intervals followed by 2mins of cardio.  Translation – it was 4 minutes of muscle/strength work, doing each exercise for 1 minute.  After 4 minutes we did 2 minutes of high intensity cardio.  A minute per exercise doesn’t seem like long, but these were some dynamic moves.  For instance we started with push ups on our dumb bells, after each pushup, (while still in plank position) raising one dumb bell for a “pull back into a tricep extension.”  There were pull ups, walking planks, and a lot of good core work as well.  Awesome class that I’m sure I will feel tomorrow!

After class I grabbed Ava from the club’s daycare and hightailed it home to clean up and go meet Averie from Love Veggies and Yoga and her lovely little Skylar, at Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods) for coffee.  We were hoping for a park play date, but the weather here has been rainy and cold forever the past couple of days.  Look at the heavy sweater we are both sporting…it’s Phoenix people!  We are supposed to be warm and sunny.  Anyway, enough complaining.  We had great coffee and great conversation.  Skylar did a wonderful puppet show for Ava and I, so that was a bonus!  

DSC01676 DSC01677

Eats were nothing spectacular today.  Since I was flying solo on baby duty and cooking, I was lame and re-heated leftovers from last night’s “Meatless Monday.” 


And now, I’m off to finish my glass of vino and catch up on reading blogs while watching “The Good Wife.”  G’nite! 


  1. Oh...we so could be friends....wine after working out....love it:)
    I recently tried a Bodypump class...it was pretty good. I like how sore it made me but the class was completely too crammed full of people and the music was too loud for me:)
    I love P90X & that's what I mostly do for my weight workouts!
    Take care~

  2. That class sounds awesome! You and Ava are just too gorgeous :D
    Hey - you won a giveaway that I had the other week. Send me your address and I'll getcha your goods ASAP! Have a great day, sweetie!

  3. Hello...
    I actually borrowed p90x from a friend and have loved it every since...
    but whenever he will want it back...i'll buy it on e-bay!

    It's straight up old school lifting....it does include some cardio dvd's too but I mostly run or cycle for my cardio.
    I think it's great for building strength!!!

    Oh & is it really wrong to have a little { or a lot} of vino after working out?!
    I always have my muscle milk light first:)

  4. Great post, Maureen and it was awesome seeing you and Ava, too!
    And it still is freezing and nasty out...sunshine, we need you! :)

  5. Blogger meet up sounds fun...

    I missed the good wife on Tue so I watched it last night