Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 3 and 4 of Mixing Up My Workouts


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Hi – happy “It’s Almost Friday” day! 

I’m sure glad it’s going to be Friday this week, for many reasons.  This week is the first time I’ve been  parenting solo, while Scott is away for a business trip.  He will return late tonight –thankfully.  I have to say that I have a new respect for single parents.  I’m also glad to be done with my “New or Different Exercise Class” each day challenge.   My hammies are angry and letting me know.  So, let’s pick up where I left off…

Wednesday (Day 3):   I wanted to try my first Stroller Strides class, but it was still pretty cold here, and since the whole hour is outside, I decided to play it safe and choose an inside class;  Cardio Muscle Circuit. Decription from the gym website:  Small groups working at 6 stations with 2mins at each station and will be   repeated twice.  Translation:  old fashioned low impact aerobics for the 50+ crowd.  If you catch my drift, it was NOTHING like the description and I did not even begin to break a sweat.  I think I got more of a workout from carrying Ava in her car seat from my parking spot to the inside.  Their were a few good lunge moves that were pretty painful after Tuesday’s class, but overall, it was a disappointment.  I will not be going back. 

Thursday (Day 4):  Bootcamp! Ok, Ok, so this isn’t new for me, but it is different that the other workouts this week right?  This was definately my most intense workout of the week.  We did a lot of high intensity cardio drills intermixed with tough strengthening exercises.  What I like is that it is never the same from Thursday to Thursday.  Not only does the instructor do a great job of mixing of the exercise and drills, sometimes the whole format is different.  Change creates change, right? 

Eats have been a little less exciting without the husband here as well.  There has been a lot of these for lunch:


On fancy China because I’m classy like that.

I did however make a nice dinner last night for myself.  After putting Ava down to bed for the night, I poured myself a glass of red,


and threw a piece of salmon in the oven with some jarred teriyaki sauce and boiled some soba noodles. 

For the next 8 minutes I sipped on my wine and caught up on a few blogs er, I mean picked up the house.

This was eaten while catching up on blogs…since I couldn’t pick up and eat at the same time.  :-)


Very good if I do say so myself!

Do you cook nice meals when it is only you to eat it? 


  1. I should cook for 1 more but I find it really labor intensive when it is just me.

  2. I NEVER cook nice meals for myself when its just me...

    When I'm on my own.. its gotta be quick and easy :)

  3. hubs returning from biz trips is like the best thing ever. Scott travels one week a month and I have 3 yrs of practice, once a month for a week and there is nothing easy or fun about it...totally agree that single parenthood gets new respect!

  4. Hi there...
    You're the winner of the simpledaisy earrings:)
    E-mail me your address & i'll send them out right away!!!
    Yeah for you!

  5. When it's just me, I either heat up leftovers, make something quick or if I'm feeling really inspired, make a recipe that the husband wouldn't like.