Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Review and updating an old favorite.

Last week I received some samples from the nice folks at Jay Robb.  They are most known for protein powders, both vegetarian and vegan varieties, and more recently their protein bars.    Look at this great package of goodies they sent me.  I love the shaker bottles and was in need of a new one.  Too bad the tank top is an extra large, I think it’s kind of cute. 


I tried this bar right away because I was intrigued by the flavor. 



I’m not sure I loved the texture, but the flavor was good.  The texture reminded me of a cross between a Power Bar and a Lara Bar.  So not bad, I just would have preferred some nut pieces or signs of what the flavors were.

I also tried the chocolate whey protein powder yesterday morning.  I forgot to photograph it, but it was delicious!  I love that it was pleasantly sweet (from stevia) but not sickenly so.   I caught a quick picture of the strawberry flavor that I made Scott yesterday afternoon. 


Yes, my lighting is a little off, but there really was almost no color.  The only coloring agent was natural beet powder, and even that didn’t leave a fake pink color.  Love that! 


I’m looking forward to trying more of these for post workout snacks. 

On to dinner.  For Meatless Monday, I prepared our favorite tofu dish last night, but spruced it up a little with a twist on the toppings.  My original recipe is here.  I switched it up by topping the tofu with goat cheese, marinated artichoke hearts, and crushed pecans.  It was everything I wanted and then some. DSC01984

Along side, we had a sweet potato and …more greens!  What can I say, I have a garden full of fresh arugula.  I threw some stuff in with the arugula and topped with my lemon poppyseed dressing.  Do yourself a favor and make this combination right now!   It is now my favorite salad.

Arugula, fennel (thinly sliced,) sugar snap peas (diced,) goat cheese, Granny Smith apple (thinly sliced) and lemon dressing. 


Mo’s Lemon Poppyseed dressing:

Juice of 1 large lemon

1/3 cup sugar, stevia, splenda, or whatever sweetner you choose

1 Tbsp. EVOO

2 Tbsp. white wine vinegar

1 tsp poppyseeds

*I left out the poppy seeds because I ran out – still just as tasty.


Finally, on to dessert.  I thought I would show you the “His and Her’s.” 

His:  a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie from Paradise Bakery

Hers:  a Luna bar in white chocolate macadamia nut.  (They are actually really good!)


We only had one of the Paradise cookies left, and I thought Scott deserved it since he fed, bathed and read to Ava tonight while I was getting a glorious 60 minute deep tissue massage

What is your favorite brand and flavor of protein bars or drinks? 


  1. Great looking meal! I love arugala with apple!

    I think I would have issues drinking a colorless drink? Maybe some of the other samples will be better...

  2. Cashew coconut sounds so good! And I'm definitely jealous of your new protein stash :)
    My favorite protein bar is the clif mojo or lunas (just the regular kind). I love kashi granola bars too!

    Happy Wednesday :)

  3. My favorite protein powder is a Chocolate Toffee. So tasty in a Green Monster.

  4. Your meal sounds delicious!!

    I haven't found a "protein" bar that I've been thrilled with....

  5. Thanks for sharing the dressing recipe; it sounds fabulous! I LOVE goat cheese on just about everything so naturally all of your eats look delicious to me!