Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Turkey Burgers By Accident

Do you ever cook something and accidentally leave out an ingredient, or add the wrong ingredient because you weren’t paying attention?  This happens to me ALL THE TIME, and thus, is why I prefer cooking to baking.  With cooking, I can sometimes remedy the mistake, or play around if I realize what I’ve done.  Baking, well, let’s just say I have thrown out a lot of muffins, cookies, and banana breads. 

Last week, while preparing some turkey burgers I accidentally made a substitution I hadn’t planned.  I usually add a couple of tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt to the turkey mixture.  I did it once a while back, and it seemed to yield moister burgers, so I’ve kept up the practice.  My other secret ingredient is a couple of tablespoons of red wine.  I noticed that also really helped the flavor and the moistness.  (Or is it that it was a good excuse to open a bottle and after having a glass or three, I didn’t notice the dry, bland burgers?) 

As I was mixing in the ingredients, salt, pepper, dill, garlic powder, etc. I was also keeping an eye on Ava and talking on the phone.  Yes, I thrive on multi-tasking!  So, I grabbed the yogurt, spooned some in and then looked down and noticed that I grabbed the cherry yogurt.  Ooops!  Oh well, I decided instead of trying to scoop it out, I’d roll with it.  I didn’t think it would make much difference anyway. 

Well it did…

It was fantastic!  I tasted a tiny piece of a patty after they came off the grill and it was the best tasting turkey burger I’ve ever had.  It was nicely moist, and there was just a faint hint of sweetness.  Since the turkey burgers were being paired with homemade cranberry sauce and some whole grain dijon mustard, this was perfect.

Whole grain mustard goodness spread on Flat Out. 

DSC02057 DSC02058

Cranberry and turkey burger patty added…


Altogether with some arugula as well.  Filling and satisfying dinner!


I had planned on swimming laps this afternoon, but I’m not feeling it.  I did not sleep well last night, and sometimes you just have to listen to your body.   In the past if I’ve pushed myself to many days in a row, I’ve ended up injured.  I know I feel 100% fully energized for tomorrow’s boot camp class!

Do you listen to your body and take rest days from working out?  Do you plan them or listen to your body? 

Coming up- my home exercise equipment or “home gym” so to speak.  A few of my favorites as well as a review.  I was recently contacted by a representative from CSN Stores promotional team and they asked me to do a product review.  After browsing their site, I found out that they carry tons of products on their over 200 sites.  They have everything from kids furniture to exercise equipment and kitchen accessories.   I chose  a new piece of fitness gear to help my home strength workouts.  Stay tuned to see what it is, and what my favorite home “moves” are. 


  1. I would never think to add yogurt when making a burger. That is awesome that your accident turned out fabulous! I definitely listen to my body over having a set in stone work out routine.

  2. Glad the turkey burgers turned out good regardless:D
    I definitely listen to my body. Unless it's just being lazy, of course :-p

  3. What a fantastic "accident"!!! I've certainly had my fair share of those! (I like your red wine trick too, no matter what the reason!) I'm going to think of you tonight when I have some wine on my balcony! (Oh and we are making burgers too!)