Friday, April 23, 2010

Ava’s Workout

Ava’s mobility means that she now has a bigger world to explore. Now anything we leave around is fair game for her to play with. Just yesterday she started pulling out drawers to our dresser to start pulling herself up.

My workout bands on the pantry door apparently were a tempting target for Ava. She made her way over to them for a little morning workout…

The pre-workout crawling warm up… DSC02258

Starting the workout.


Working some abs.DSC02261

Pausing for a little mid-workout teething break. DSC02265  DSC02270

Onto the next exercise with the foam roller… DSC02274

All that working out makes you hungry. Here’s Ava after cleaning her plate from breakfast…


Later Ava got to be the “package” in our little beverage tub. She seems to like being carried around!DSC02276

Maybe we’ll have to do a DVD series of “50-second Abs by Ava”?


  1. What adorable pictures!!! She is so cute!

  2. I love seeing pics of her! She's gorgeous!

  3. Yes on the video!!! :)
    She is just WAY too cute!

  4. That is so cute:)
    I think there is a video in her future!!

  5. Awwh!!! Ava is so cute!
    PS- Your hair looks fabulous :)

  6. Nice job Ava! I'm writing down your moves so I can practice them next time I'm at the gym ;)
    SUPER cute post.

  7. Adorable! She has gotten so big it is insane!

  8. Too cute! She is already on her way to a healthy lifestyle haha!