Monday, April 12, 2010

HIIT and More Quick “Bowl Meals”

Hey all you bloggies out there, how was your weekend?  Gorgeous weather?  It has been perfect here in Arizona, and we were able to enjoy the pool with Ava both Friday and Saturday evenings.   Friday evening I managed to get in 30 minutes of swimming laps before the sunset and it felt wonderful. 

Speaking of workouts, today I tried high intensity interval training (HIIT) for the first time.  I’ve been seeing it all over the blog world, and I think to some extent, that’s really what we do in my bootcamp class at the gym, but I’ve never done it on my own.   So, my “informal” HIIT workout this morning consisted of about one minute intervals of power walking, alternated with fast running.  I wasn’t wearing my Garmin, so I don’t know what my actual speed was, but I was pushing a BOB Revolution jog stroller with at least 18 pounds of baby.   Not to mention that we live at the base of the McDowell Mountains, so it’s very hilly around my house.  30 minutes of that routine, left me more tired and sweaty than my 50 minute run on Saturday morning.  It was a great workout!  Getting in a great workout in a short amount of time is always a bonus.

Speaking of time, I made a few more quick bowl meals last week.  This time, rather than using mostly leftovers to create a yummy bowl, I used my well stocked pantry/freezer to come up with dinner in under 10 minutes. 

The star of both meals was this:


Frozen pre-cooked large shrimp is the perfect quick protein source that turns dinner into something nice.  I heart shrimpies.  <3  This bowl also features Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat couscous, (microwave directions – done in 3 minutes – nice)  defrosted Trader Joe’s roasted corn kernals, avocado, Greek yogurt, salsa verde, and fresh cilantro.  Literally, less than 10 minutes.


Another evening I used the same star ingredient, but created a whole different take on it.  Soaked rice noodles are topped with jicama, sugar snap peas, fresh cilantro, shrimp,


and this crack:


So good!

Pair either of these meals with a nice glass of wine, and no one will know you didn’t spend more than 10 minutes in the kitchen! 


Do you do high intensity intervals in your workouts? 


  1. I don't know if I've ever done HIIT workouts... maybe I have and never knew?? Sounds like a great workout!

  2. I have been doing HIIT For a long time and got away from it recently but should start doing it again. Cardio bores me and HIIT keeps it interesting.

  3. Mmmm...more bowl goodness!!! I have done HIIT before and it really kicks your butt!! And yes, my polish is OPI but I don't remember the name...I picked it out at the nail place. Thanks though!!

  4. I've never formally tried a HIIT workout but it sounds awesome. Those dishes look fab- I LOVE shrimpies too :)

  5. I've heard such great things about the BOB Revolution. I'm going to need to get one for this baby.

    I love having frozen shrimp in the freezer. They make anything better!

  6. Yum, those "bowl meals" both sound great! I will never understand how people can say that eating healthy takes too much time....