Monday, April 5, 2010

Meatless Monday – High Raw, Vegan Noodles with Peanut Sauce

Howdy!  Did you have a super weekend?  Do you celebrate Easter?  Passover?  Whatever your fancy, hopefully you enjoyed a weekend of sunny weather and fun times.   We had fun and had a lot of social gatherings with friends and kids and babies.   We must have commented a hundred times, on how much our lives have changed since last Easter.  All good stuff!  Two sets of 3 year-old twins, one 3 month old baby girl, and one set of 9 month-old twins were Ava’s playmates this weekend. 

Ava in her Easter outfit…

DSC02119 DSC02125



On to the food!

Last week I had an intense   peanut sauce craving.  I was thinking of making more spring rolls, but thought that I should make something different than the 100’s of rolls we’ve been eating lately.  I decided on peanutty noodles with stir-fried veggies.  After seeing some of Averie’s great raw creations, I wanted to take it up a notch.  Raw noodles, and non-stir fried veggies.  Oh yes I did!

I don’t have a spiralizer or madoline, but I do have a veggie peeler that juliennes.  Here is 2 raw zucchini and 1 carrot.  My “noodles.”


Scott’s noodles – organic soba noodles.  *Scott very happily eats whatever I fix, but I knew my 6 foot 2 inch husband was not going to feel satisfied with raw veggie noodles.  That’s fine, more for me.  ;-)


Topped with broccoli and sugar snap peas, and then dressed with this peanut sauce (which was also raw and used almond butter) and black sesame seeds.  ‘Twas splendid!

 DSC02102 DSC02104

Funny factoid about me:  I hate peanut butter, peanut butter granola/protein bars, cookies, etc.  But, I LURVE peanut sauce!  I know, odd right?

QUESTION:  Have you ever made a raw meal (not counting salad?) 

Don’t forget the Celestial Seasonings drawing.   Winner announced tomorrow!


  1. Ava is SOOO adorable!!! Love her dress!

  2. Ava is so cute I can't stand it! And your "noodles" look amazing....what peanut sauce did you use? I've spiralized zucchini before and put marinara on filled me up for like 3 seconds. :)

  3. I made a raw "pasta" meal for my BF and I last Spring...which turned into sauteed zuchhini noodles for him and a chicken breast... :) I tried!
    PS - love the Easter cake, did you make that??

  4. Ava looks so adorable in her Easter dress :)
    That dish looks fantastic! I've never tried a "raw" dish before (other than salad).

  5. The food looks awesome! Wish I could come eat it :) The cake...oh how cute!!!!

    And little Ava, a litle Angel! Oh what a precious lil thing!!!

    Hope you're doing well, life has been really busy for me. Extremley. Between the house, normal life, the new fitness stuff..yeah, crazy i tell ya! Hope you've been doing awesome!

    Oh and I made cabbage wraps last week and linked you in that inspired me :)


  6. ooh yum, that looks delicious! oh my gosh, Ava is like a little porcelain doll, so cute!