Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My “Home Gym”

Even though I belong to a lovely gym:


and pay a premium monthly membership, now that I have a little one to think about, I don’t always get to workout at the gym anymore.  There’s a lot more walking and running with the stroller, and swimming here at home.  There is also times, when Ava is down for a nap that I do a little strength and resistance training at home.   (It is great to be able to get in a workout in 30 minutes, and be done and showered by the time she wakes up.) 

Over the years I’ve acquired enough “toys” to mix it up a bit, and make it more fun.

Medium Resistance Band:  Great for standing bicep curls, Lat pull-downs, Chest flies, squats with overhead raise, etc.


Multiple weight dumb bells:   Self explanatory.  I have the 5 lb, 8 lb, and 10 lb sets


Bosu Ball:  Did you know that Bosu stands for Both Sides Up?  This is a great piece to work on balance and core, stand on it while doing bicep curls, etc.  Also great for all sorts of ab exercises.  Be careful not to hop on and off to quickly, I’ve sprained my ankle this way. 


Not to mention, this little “weight” for ab exercises.  <3


And thanks to CNS Stores, I have a new toy!DSC02216



The j/fit heavy handles with resistance tubing.    From j/fit: 

Resistance from dumbbells never changes, while the resistance from tubing increases throughout the exercise motion, make the exercise motion more efficient in toning and building muscle. 

Makes sense to me!  Also, I love that it came with a door anchor.  With the band that I had already, I never had a way to use it entirely, because I didn’t have a place to rope it around.  This will allow me to do so many other exercises.

I tried it out with some hammer curls and tricep kickbacks and must say it was much more challenging than either dumb bells or resistance tubing alone.  I can’t wait to try more of the exercises that are shown in the guide that accompanied the tubing.   You could easily get a whole body workout with this one piece of equipment. 

Do you have a “home gym?”  If so, what kind of exercise machines/equipment/gadgets do you have? 


  1. Dang...your arms are crazy toned girl!! I used to have a home gym but I don't in this house. My gym is only a block or so away (country club gym) so I can't complain. :)

  2. I just have the basics at home... a variety of dumb bells, a mat, a big ball, a resistance band, and a bosu ball. My dream would be to have a full on "gym" in my house... but since we're on a budget and all... that's probably not happening any time soon ;)

  3. Oh your little one is so cute! I remember those days of working out with a wiggle worm! I work out at home, but all I have equipment wise is dumb bells. Everything else is done with my own body weight.

  4. Resistance bands worked wonders for me after I had my son. Not only are they affordable, they take up very little space in your home. You can travel with them too. I've got some free exercises that
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  5. My husband and I just bought a house and are moving this summer. I hope to buy a treadmill and forgo a gym membership when our baby arrives. We're working it into the budget.

  6. oh I love the pic of the baby on top of you... helping mama workout :)

  7. ooh...nice home gym!!! Mine is p90x:)
    that's really all I do at home....
    oh and inhale yoga that I dvr on oxygen!!!
    I would love a bosu ball but I feel like I get enough accomplished without one!!!