Friday, April 16, 2010


Hello and happy Friday blogland!  Does anybody have any fun weekend plans? 

If we don’t see a movie, we’ll probably do our typical home version of “Friday night happy hour” and sit on the patio soaking of these delicious evenings.  I made a fresh batch of peanut sauce, so tonight will include some fresh spring rolls of some sort.  Here is a little of what we had last Friday..


We can easily make a meal out of shrimp cocktail, cheese and crackers and hummus with plenty of vino.  Oh yes we did! 

Tomorrow night we are having our new friends from down the street over for a back yard bar-b-que.   This couple recently moved to Scottsdale from Boston.  They have a 4 month old daughter for Ava to entertain.  But, the real bonus is that they love to cook and they love to drink wine.  We couldn’t have found a better match for some new friends.  Isn’t it fun to find other couples that have a lot in common with you?  My philosophy is that you can never have to many friends. 

So, I’m debating  on what to make for dinner.  I’m thinking my favorite wasabi marinated salmon.


Or, a delicious pork tenderloin recipe that is a favorite of ours ever since my friend, Renee, introduced us to it.


Bourbon marinated pork with mustard sauce.

Decisions, decisions!  What would you choose to serve to new friends, if not completely sure of the tastes/preferences? 

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I love your version of Friday Happy Hour! I think I need to copy it :)

  2. Tough decision! Both look fabulous. Tonight I'm laying low with some wine of course! Tomorrow is my bachelorette party so I need to be well rested!
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Hi! When I'm having new friends over, I usually go the Italian route and make my stuffed shells, they are healthy and vegetarian. I guess if the people are vegan then I'm screwed. :)
    To answer both your questions, Truluck's is on University Center by the Aventine and Lululemon is in The Forum Shops in Carlsbad. :)

  4. all looks delicious:)
    I wanted to ask you....
    is there a reason why I am SOOOOO hungry when I do my long runs!?!? Today I ran 7 miles and then ate everything in site tonight!!!
    More protein!?!?! I don't's frustrating...I pretty much negated the running calories with everything I ate this evening!!
    anywho...I know you know a thing a two about fitness and eating!!!!!

  5. Ooh. It's always a gamble to decide what to serve to new friends! Usually I try to get as many details as I can beforehand so that my choices are as targeted as possible. Or I try to do something that's accomidating, like to fajitas and have a few different protein choices.