Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kitchen Favorites – Take 2


I always love the posts where bloggers review some of their favorite products.  Be it, kitchen essentials, foods, beauty products, whatever, I find these very informative and helpful.  I did a post a while back with a few favorites, and since thought about all the things in my kitchen that I really miss while I’m away. 

Here are a few that top the list.


First off, my Wusthof knives.  Every cook needs a few good knives.  From chopping to slicing and dicing, you know when it’s a bad knife.    I highly recommend getting them sharpened regularly too, as that makes all the difference in the performance of your knives. 


First introduced to me several years ago when I was having a mojito at a little bar in San Francisco, the lime squeezer (and subsequently the lemon one,) have been fixtures in my kitchen ever since.  I use fresh lemon and limes in so many recipes (not just mojitoes,) this has been one of the best $15 dollar purchases that I thought I didn’t need. 


Ah, my beloved Cuisinart.  I have had this bad boy for at least 10 years, and it has whirled many a pesto, hummus, pizza dough, and nut butters.  I must use it at least 4 times per week.  I’ve had absolutely no problems with it whatsoever. 


Microplane grater;  great for just a bit of shaved cheese to top a dish, a dash of lemon rind, etc.  I never use the old fashioned “grater” anymore. 


The Zyliss peeler/julienn-er;  unfortunately I don’t have a spiralizer, but this little gadget comes close. 

DSC02321  DSC02320

Remember the raw dinner I made a while back?  Those zucchini and carrot ‘noodles’ came from running the zyliss along the raw veggie.  As cheap and easy as a woman walking along in the ghetto area of downtown, what could be better? 


How something so  simple could make life so much easier.  Gone are the clumps when I shake up some protein powder or Amazing Grass into milk.  I used to have such a problem with clumps, that it would turn me off to finishing the drink.  I love how the Blender Bottle has the little “wisker ball.”  It makes all the difference!


This salad dressing bottle from Crate and Barrel has been a fun new addition.  Instead of shaking my homemade dressings forever, you give the little green handle a squeeze, and it stirs it up for you.  I wonder if it would work for cosmos? 


And finally, my Zyliss salad spinner.  What can I say?  It has been with me since way back before I knew how to cook.  I find it much more effective at rinsing greens than the Oxo brand.  I believe the difference is that this one spins in both directions, which really gets the leaves dry. 


Here is kale from my garden after getting rinsed and spun.  Perfect for some kale chips or kale salad. 


What is your favorite kitchen gadget/appliance? 

Do you enjoy reading other bloggers’ favorites?


  1. I need the lime & lemon squeezers! I love reading bloggers' fav products. Right now, I'm loving our new cordless electronic wine opener!

  2. I love my microplane, mixer, knives and pantry. I do need to get a lemon/lime juicer.

  3. I don't have a food processor and it is on the top of my wish list. There are so many things where I think :If only I had a food processor!" I think I'll get one to make baby food when the little one arrives :)

  4. Hi Mo
    I did a huge post on my fave things and my thoughts on why/what were faves

    KNIVES are at the top of my list too
    good to know your cuisinart has worked for you. saw your comment to mama pea i think re a vita. they are wonderful but if you dont think you "have to have one" and are fine w/ with the cuisinart, then great. i could never be happy wihtout it after 2 yrs with it, but hey, i got spoiled now :)

    getting together...i am thinking that honestly it's gonna be really tight and tricky b/c my show is in 2 weeks and we are moving in 18 days and life is so full! I would love to say yes but realistically, i doubt it :(

    That just means that when you're in SD you will have to come visit! I hope you guys make it outta here, either to SD or to FL or just anywhere :)

    Ok sweetie, xoxoxo