Monday, May 3, 2010

Meatless Monday -Leftovers

Hey there!  How was your Monday?  I started mine with a glorious 40 minutes of swimming laps.  There was just something about it this morning that made it feel extra good.  (Maybe it was my aching legs leftover from yesterday’s weight lifting class, that turned weightless in the water.)  Later in the morning Ava and I went to Tiny Tot Story Time at the library.  I also got a much needed manicure with a friend this afternoon, so all in all, it was a great Monday! 

For Meatless Monday this week, we did a hodge podge of leftovers from the weekend.  Leftover grilled veggies and tofu became eggplant stacks.

DSC00557 DSC00559

See my post here for recipe and instructions on these flavorful little mounds.   There was also some leftover baguette from a recipe we made over the weekend that I will post tomorrow.  Not to mention this delicious glass of bordeaux, leftoverDSC02312 from last night.   We rarely have leftover wine, but that’s one leftover I don’t mind having.

Do you like leftovers?  Do you turn extra food into a new meal or eat it again the same way?  I do both.  I love having leftovers!


  1. I hated leftovers when I was younger. But now I have a new found love for them - I typically make a batch of soup that will last me all week long.

  2. I do eat some leftovers but would much prefer leftover wine. I like the process of cooking more than I like eating whatever I make.

  3. I'm not a super big fan of leftovers. Since I've been freezing leftovers for future meals, I've started to like them more.

  4. That sounds like a wonderful Monday! I don't really like leftovers...I'm not sure why. It makes NO sense and would be so easy to bring to work for leftovers!!!
    I do like wine leftovers however! :)

  5. I used to hate leftovers when I was younger and my parents made them (I love my parents, I really do, just not their cooking).. but I LOVE leftovers now, especially when I come home late from class/work and I'm starving! I also had eggplant today (it was a new thing I was trying) and I discovered that I really like it!! (Post is coming tomorrow!)
    By the way, thanks so much for the blog comment! I've posted more workouts under the upper/lower body and cardio sections, and will be adding more eventually, so check back soon! :)