Monday, May 24, 2010

Peach Festival!

Happy Monday Bloggie friends!  How was/is your day?  I began with a magnificent swim this morning.  As hard as it is to pull myself out of bed to go hit the pool, I never regret it.  It wakes me up and stretches me out like nothing else.  Perfect for a Monday morning!  Let’s go back to the weekend though, shall we.

We had a beautiful weekend here.  It went from being 101 hot degrees on Friday, to a cool 75 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.  Random, but really enjoyed by most Phoenicians.  To enjoy the nice weather we invited some friends to join us for the Queen Creek Peach Festival.  After an hour drive to get there, we were more than ready to enjoy the sunshine and pick some peaches!

But first, we went on a “train ride.”


As you can see, Ava was totally into this. 

After the train, we hopped aboard a hay ride which took us out to the orchard for peach picking.  Needless to say, we were to busy picking to take photos.  Behold, the 13 1/2 pounds of peaches that we picked.  (What were we thinking?!)


Besides enjoying the sweet juicy flesh in the raw, I am trying to come up with other ways to use our stash.  Exhibit A:  Grilled peaches



With nothing “on” except a quick spray of olive oil, these little gems taste like candy.  The grill brings about a carmelization of the sugar that just tastes like syrup.  Just take halved peaches, pit removed, and lay directly on hot grill.   We used them to top this lovely arugula salad.  



4 cups fresh arugula

3 fresh peaches, grilled for 3 minutes or so per side

2 oz. crumbled goat cheese

1/4 cup shaved fennel

balsamic reduction

*lots of foodgasms

Do you have any favorite peach recipes?  Please share if you do. 

I’m thinking some fresh peach salsa is in order later today.  Maybe enjoyed with a margarita…hmmm  … margarita Mondays?


  1. Yum. That looks like a ton of peaches. I will admit that I am so guilty of overpicking fruit. However, it is great because it gives you an excuse to try out new recipes. Giada has a recipe for a panini with peaches that I enjoy and I also have made Self's peach iced tea that is pretty fantastic.

  2. Fresh peaches! I am so jealous! They look beautiful. I'm glad you had such a nice weekend. What a nice family activity to do together. Apple picking is a favorite New England activity my husband and I do every year :)

  3. Ooh...that salad looks delicious:)
    I am going to make an heirloom tomato & peach salad tomorrow! Hopefully it will be good enough for one of my Fresh Friday posts:)

  4. No peach recipes here. I'm not a "fruit with my food" person. :( I'm not a big peach fan either....I'd probably make a peach cobbler where I could load on the crumb topping and ice cream to disguise the peaches. :)

  5. Yummm! I love peaches. I don't really have any specific recipes for them, except for this one smoothie that I have posted on my blog for a Peach Cobbler smoothie (it's on the recipes page if you're interested!) I also love putting them on salads, and with cottage cheese or yogurt. Looks like you had a great weekend! :)