Friday, May 21, 2010

Sorta Spa Day

Mmm…it smells like a Friday to me!  I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely looking forward to this weekend.  I’ve been doing the single parent thing since Tuesday night, as Scott has been on a business trip.  I will be happy to have him home later tonight. Do you have any big plans?   Tomorrow we are heading to a Peach Festival with some friends.  No other definite plans, but there will be a lot of lounging, pool, and vino involved.

So, to recap the P90X session that I did on Tuesday.   I did the biceps, triceps, and shoulders DVD.  I have to say, my triceps were feelin’ it on Wednesday!  In a good way.  Kind of dorky, but when I get the “good” sore, I feel like I’m getting more defined.  haha  That’s what I tell myself at least.  I’ve also tried the Ab Ripper, which is 30 minutes.  It was ok, but I felt a lot of the exercises in my hip flexor and not my abs.  Perhaps I’m doing them with bad form? 

Today I went on a leisurely swim for an active rest day.  I love how swimming makes me feel.  I get lost in relaxation just focusing on breathing and random thoughts.   Normally, Fridays were always 2 hours of walking with my friend and our jog strollers, but with the 100 degree temperatures now, we don’t want to subject ourselves the babies to that.  Since Ava was in the gym daycare, I also had time to take a steam and leisurely shower.  I felt like it was a spa day!

When I got home, I continued the spa day theme and created a beautiful salad for lunch.

Food and wine 003-1

This was supper easy and very tasty.  All you do is take one small piece of fresh ahi tuna and sear it for a minute or two per side (depending on how raw you like it.)  Slice it and lay it over a bed of fresh mixed greens and a little shredded cabbage.  Top with soy sauce, wasabi and a few sesame seeds

Well, folks, I’m out.  On to a glass of vino and a toast to the weekend!

What’s your favorite way to feel like you’re at the “spa?”


  1. A peach festival?!?! FUN! I love any festival that has to do with a fruit or vegetable, haha. And Ahi Tuna, absolutely delicious. COngrats on being a fit, healthy, new mom. Glad to have found your blog!

  2. I always feel so peaceful when I'm at the spa. I feel like I'm truly relaxing! I love that feeling!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I used to hit the sauna/steam room too when I had a gym membership. It always felt like a treat when I took that time.

    Thanks for the offer to answer baby questions for me. I am sure there will be questions to come!

  4. To answer your question...I love Sbicca! I've been there maybe three times....great spot!! Sorry the Ab Ripper hurt your hip...not sure what to tell you about that. :( I think the video is like 16 minutes though, no?? I DO NOT miss the Ab Ripper! UGH! :)

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