Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Big Green Monster = Big Green Mess

I hope you all had a super long weekend!  Back to the grind today huh?  Don’t the shorter weeks play tricks with your mind?  Like, do you keep thinking it’s Monday today?

There were not a whole lot of great eats this weekend to recap as both Scott and I had some kind of 24 hour bug on Saturday.  We traded off laying in bed and laying on the couch to watch Ava.  Needless to say, cooking was not happening, nor were the dinner parties and back yard bar-b-ques.  By Sunday, we started feeling more like ourselves, but still stuck to a pretty boring dinner. 

Since we were craving something, and a little thirsty, a smoothie sounded good.  I used some of the peaches we picked last weekend to make a big ‘Green Monster.’ 

I know everyone in the blog world has a different spin, but here’s what we rolled with:  peaches, 2 frozen bananas, big handful of spinach, 1 cup almond milk, and 1/4 cup whole milk plain yogurt.


Mmmm…just what the doctor ordered!

I thought this would be a nutritious meal for Ava to enjoy as well, so I poured her up a bowl.  SIAB!


She really liked it and easily slurped it all down.  That said, this is where the big green mess title came from. 

DSC02447 DSC02450 DSC02455

Oh, who cares about a mess when you see a happy, healthy little face like that eating her nourishing fruits and veggies?

And, well, the whole weekend was not lost.  We did try a couple of good wines, including this Santa Barbara Landing Chardonnay.  I had heard some good things about this one, and asked the wine guy at Trader Joe’s about it.  It came highly recommended, so we opened this one at the pool yesterday.  One word – refreshing!  Not heavy and oaky like many California chards, this one was fruity, zippy, and nice balanced with little to no oak.  Hoorah, for a great affordable summer chardonnay!


 DSC02465 DSC02469 

(Stay tuned for the review of the red blend we also tried this weekend.)

Today we are back to normal and it felt great to get back to a normal workout.  I did a 4 mile run this morning.  A bit more out of breath today than usual, but that could be due to being a bit laid up over the weekend, or getting used to the summer heat.  Going to get my lift on tomorrow with some P90X. 

What is the best thing you ate or drank this weekend?

What was the best part of the weekend for you?


  1. Yeah for Ms Ava enjoying a green monster!

    We had a great Brady Cabernet Sauvignon on Friday night that was so delicious

  2. Thats too cute! She looks good in green, haha! And I'm on a chardonnay kick as well. I think its because of the heat. :)

  3. I love that you gave Ava a green monster :)

    I don't know why... but I've never really took to chardonnay. Maybe I just haven't tried the right one ;)
    I love me some Pinot Grigio though :)

  4. I'm sorry you spent the weekend sick. Glad it was only a 24 hour thing.

    Maybe you should market the Green Monster Baby Food!Ava looks like she thoroughly enjoyed it!

  5. She is so happy with her green smoothie!! So cute!!
    Glad you are feeling better!