Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally Friday!

Does anyone else feel like this was a long week?  We’ve been keeping very busy so far this summer.   Yesterday was Ava’s last day of swimming lessons for this session. 

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She even got a “report card.”  I think we will do another session at the end of July.  She loves it, and I love that it wears her out!

Besides that, I’ve been getting in some good workouts.  Yesterday I did the P90X Core Synergistics + Arms and Back.  Today, I did Back and Legs, but didn’t do the back portion since I worked back yesterday.  Like I mentioned before, I am not doing P90X in order, or as plan.  But, I am keeping track on the worksheets of my reps and weight each time, and I’m already seeing that I’ve gotten stronger.  I can pound out more pushups and increase the weight I’m using on my arms.  Woohoo!  My goal is to gain strength and build some muscle as opposed to losing weight. 

Now, on to the food!

This recipe is loosely based off Mellissa’s recent dinner of Salmon with Blackberry Arugula Salad.  I use the term loosely, because I read the ingredients and thought I knew what I was doing.  I also sub’d blueberries for the blackberries, since the blackberries didn’t look very fresh at the grocery store that day.  Instead of using most of the berries in the dressing and just a few on the salad, I did the opposite.  So, my dressing wasn’t nearly as thick as Mellissa’s. 


The other change I made was to use Trader Joe’s frozen Grilled Asparagus Spears, since fresh asparagus is $3.99 per lb. here. 


Arugula Salad with berries, jicama, and shaved Parmesan and Asiago cheese. 




Enjoyed with:


Fabulous meal!  Since I didn’t have to clean the asparagus or roast it, this meal took me less than 30 minutes – nice!

What are your weekend plans?  Do you celebrate Father’s Day?

We are going out for pizza and wine tonight, and tomorrow night we have a wine and cheese party to attend.  It should be fun! 


  1. Cute pics of Ava! We are going to a party that our friends are having for their new twins on plans besides that yet.

  2. AWWW!!!!! Ava is SO cute! I used to teach swimming lessons back in the day, looks like she had a blast! That salad looks amazing! I love the peppery arugula with salty/nutty cheese and sweet berries. I think we have similar tastes! I'm doing pizza tomorrow too haha. Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead of you, cant wait to read about all the fabulous fun and wine! Take care, Nora

  3. Ava looks so happy in the water! Such a cute swimsuit!

    Congrats on the workouts and seeing progress. That is so motivating!

    Enjoy your weekend. Sounds like a lot of fun:)

  4. yes, this past week was LONG!! That meal is probably one of my favorites, including the wine. Once again....why can't we live closer? haha!

  5. Adorable pictures of Ava!! (like always!) I was wondering how that frozen asparagus is from TJ's. I ALMOST picked some up yesterday - it isn't mushy?

  6. Aww your daughter is such a cutie! That wine looks really good right now and it's only Monday haha! Have a great week!