Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New (To Me) Kombucha!

Ever since Whole Foods, and basically every other store in town that sells Kombucha, have pulled all my favorite Kombucha drinks off the shelves, I have been dying for one.  I’m guessing from this article, that they won’t be returning very quickly either. 

So, what is a crazy kombucha craving addict to do?  Search out stores in other states of course!

This past weekend while in Minneapolis for my brother’s wedding, I headed over to The Wedge, an upscale community coop, which is only a few blocks from where he lives.  In addition to about a zillion other treasures I found there, I came across this.


A brand of Kombucha that I hadn’t seen before.  Turns out it was local! Unpeeled. I couldn’t decide which flavor, but anything mango usually wins.  At $3.69 per bottle, it was priced the same as my favorite Synergy drink.  I needed instant gratification and immediately opened it on my way out of the store. 

The verdict:  not as good as Synergy Kombucha.  I liked it, but it didn’t have that tang that I’ve come to crave about Kombucha.  It was smooth and slightly sweet, but not overly so.  I noticed that it also had added fiber, in the form of inulin.  Not sure if I need fiber in my kombucha, but I guess it adds to the probiotic claims.  If I had access to this regularly (it’s only sold in select stores across the midwest) I’m not sure I would buy it again.  It just tasted like a watered down juice to me. 

Do you drink Kombucha?  What are your thoughts on the alcohol content controversy?  Personally, I never really felt much – but I only usually had a half a bottle at one time.  I also knew that it might have a small percentage due to the fermentation process, so I felt forewarned. 




  1. I had no idea about this whole controversy! The label warns you and I think that is enough.

  2. YOu know I drink Kombucha. I'm having to find local vendors now. They're good but still, I miss my synergy. Maybe we should start our own?