Friday, June 4, 2010


Twas the night before last, and Scott was gone playing tennis.  I got Ava to bed, which left me some time to invent.  I had some nice portobello mushrooms that looked perfect for stuffing.  A glass of white in hand, my imagination came up with the perfect combination.


A little chard from my garden, and some onion was added.  Butter and capers to create some flavor.  Breadcrumbs and goat cheese, yes please!! 

DSC02476 DSC02478

Bake or grill for approximately 15 minutes. 


What is your favorite thing to eat when you are on your own for dinner?

As mentioned Wednesday, I did the back and chest of P90X.  Not gonna’ lie, I’m still sore today.  Not a bad sore, just a “worked my muscles to the max” sore.  So far I’m loving the P90X strength workouts!  With all of the heavy lifting, I’m making more of an effort to eat more protein so I can put on a little muscle mass.  Besides eating cottage cheese as a snack, I went out and bought a couple of protein powders to try today.  Stay tuned for a review of those, as I try them over the weekend. 

Question:  Do you eat extra protein after hard workouts?  In what form?  (ie powder,  Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken, meat, etc.)


  1. I tried the more protein thing but for me, it just gave me a tummy ache. So I just upped overall calories, and have added lean mass that way.

    Bon voyage my friend. We are outta here on Tuesday. The memories of our coffee meetups will always have a fond place in my heart when I think back to Phx and our time here :)

    Look me up if you're ever in SD!!!!

  2. Yummm the mushrooms look good! Yup, I always eat extra protein after workouts. Usually, it's in the form of a shake. I have 3 flavours on the go right now, and I'm LOVING the BSN Caramel Latte one! Since I usually workout in the morning, my other protein sources are usually egg whites in veggie omelettes. Any later in the day though, and I'm all about chicken and tuna!

  3. When I'm by myself, I usually just whip up a bowl of pasta, veggies and sauce. It's my favorite go to meal.
    Glad you are enjoying P90X!! I hate to admit it but I kinda miss it a little! :)

  4. I make really simple meals when I am on my own for dinner (I actually make simple meals anyway, but they are super quick when I am on my own). But you've inspired me with your mushrooms! Yum!!

  5. Yum, that sounds SO good!
    I always make pretty boring things when I'm on my own actually!

  6. The shrooms look and sound fantastic! Great idea to add capers. I usually end up cooking some form of eggs when I'm on my own for dinner.
    I'll often eat a greek yogurt after a hard workout.