Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday’s Wine

Yes, I know – it’s Thursday, but it’s the wine we drank last night, on WEDNESDAY.   More on that in a bit.  We must talk about today, Friday Eve.  I’ve mentioned several times how I really like Thursdays.  We can officially talk about weekend plans now.   I’m finally going to see Sex and The City 2!  A couple of girly friends and I are playing hookie from work/being new moms tomorrow afternoon and seeing a matinee.  Not before grabbing a martini first (and probably after too!)  I can’t wait!   So, what are you all up to this weekend?  Doing anything fun?

If you need a good wine for your weekend plans, let me tell you about the 2003 Raymond Reserve Merlot.


The first time I tried this merlot (about a year ago) I wasn’t crazy about it.  I found it a little to acidic and tannic.  But, a year later and another bottle to try, I went in with an open mind.  I poured this small glass in the picture, to “test” it first.  It was good!   Not as jammy as some of my favorites, but really opened up with food.  It had a great finish, and didn’t give me that tannic feel that I remembered from the last bottle.  I even noted hints of vanilla, which I really love in a good red wine. 

Don’t go looking for this vinatage in your local wine shop.  Unfortunately, it was sold out a while ago.  This was part of a case we received from Scott’s aunt at our wedding.  (She works in the wine industry and was able to get her hands on this vintage.)  That said, there are newer vintages that would be worth trying.   Raymond also makes a line called “The R Collection” that is a more ‘everyday’ price point – also worth checking out.  They make great cabs and chardonnays as well!

Do you drink merlot?  What is your favorite wine?  

I think if I had to choose just one, it would be a red blend. 


  1. Red blend for me too :) I like big full spicy reds like a shiraz/viognier mix or a shiraz, cab and merlot.

  2. Can you teach me how to taste wine? I knwo I like it but have no clue about tannins, etc.!

  3. I'm loving the Wine! The wine I prefer depends on the food that I'm eating/the weather. In the summer I love light and crisp chardonnay! Preferably one that is oaked. Merlot is my "rainy day" wine. I love the fullness of it. My favorite is a surprising upstate new york Merlot (I know, I know...not traditionally a region known for Merlot) from Hermann J. Wiemer. They also make a fantastic Riesling :)

  4. I like Merlot....I like all dry wines. I'm not picky. :) I can't wait to see Sex and the City. Not sure when but soon hopefully!! This weekend I'm going to Palm Springs to celebrate a friend's birthday. :)

  5. I have to admit I am generally NOT a merlot fan. I tried a merlot tasting at FoodBuzz last year and came to the conclusion I just don't think it is for me. When I'm going red, I'm most in love with a Zinfandel or a Cabernet and sometimes even a Pinot Noir.