Saturday, July 17, 2010

Guest Post

Note: Today’s guest post is by the “Dad” half of MommyRD.

Summertime is a great time to sip some white wine at the end of the day. But there are times when a crisp savignon blanc or an unoaked chardonnay just won’t do – when you need a little carbonation to cut through the heat for a refreshing treat. Today was one of those days.

After an afternoon of errands and work around the house, I opened the fridge. Propel? Nope – too much like water and I’ve had enough already. Soda? Nah – just doesn’t sound refreshing enough. Wine? Well, if we had some cold white wine maybe. Ah but beer – we still have some left over from Ava’s birthday barbeque – perfect!

We had picked up a sampler pack of Sam Adams from our local Costco. I’ve had a few of them already (Sam Adam’s Light is decent, the Summer Ale is pretty darn good), but I had not yet tried the Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier. I love hefeweizens (unfiltered wheat beers), especially in the summer. So naturally I thought the Blackberry Witbier would be perfect. And to cool off on this hot summer day, it absolutely was – a good wheat beer with a hint of blackberry.



Thankfully this is mostly a female audience – otherwise I might have to turn in my “man card” for admitting to liking a fruit flavored beer…


  1. hmmm.i'll have to give that one a whirl! I really love a Summer Shandy every once in awhile.
    And I am learning to love the new 55 calorie beer! It really helps with the calories on a day spent pub crawling:)

  2. I love hearing from the Dad half!! I was just reading (Food & Wine maybe) about different beverages at different temps - 110 degrees was beer!