Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holiday Weekend Eats

Welcome back to reality!  I hope everyone had a SPLENDID long weekend!  Hard to get back into the groove after weekend summer fun isn’t it?  I know getting back into the groove of healthy eating is on my agenda.  We had dinner plans every night this weekend, and most of it was not the slightest bit healthy.

Looking back, besides the burger at happy hour on Friday night, we had more “ethnic” Fourth of July eats.  Saturday night we had friends over at our house.  On the menu:  seared ahi tuna,

(before)  marinated in soy, sesame oil and green onions

DSC02778 DSC02781

stir-fried snow peas;  sesame oil, ginger, and Braggs Aminos


Wasabi Coleslaw:  recipe here


Our friends brought their daughter, Sophie, so Ava entertained her while we caught up over appetizers and vino.

DSC02767 DSC02768

The next night we went to Sophie’s. 

Again, we got caught up over more appetizers and vino.


Not that we had a lot to catch up on in the past few hours, not only had we had dinner together the past 2 evenings, but we were at the gym together that morning.  Sarah and I did weight lifting class while Mike and Scott played squash.  Nonetheless, we have endless conversation and fun times.  Mike had prepared dinner all afternoon on Sunday.  100% Italian, he made sauce or “gravy” from scratch and let it simmer for 4 hours.  Then, working his magic, combined meatballs, lots of fresh grated parmesan, and pasta for a mouth watering ragu.  It was out of this world fantastico! 

 DSC02786 DSC02787 

Of course, unpictured there was a few brownies, chips, and other treats throughout the weekend.  I loved catching up with so many of our friends this weekend and spending a lot of time relaxing in the pool. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled eating and exercise routines right? 

What is your favorite way to get back to healthier eating?

I like to grill a huge rack of assorted veggies.  Having lots of tasty veggies on hand, makes it easy to have veggie packed meals. 


  1. Everything looks amazing! I love to load up on fruits and veggies after a weekend of hard core eating :)

  2. Wow! What delicious looking eats! I like to exercise and drink a ton of water to start the week! Then I just watch my portions.

  3. I always drink tons of water and eat mostly fresh fruits and veggies for a day or two!!!
    I know I overdid the chips and guacamole this weekend......
    Oh I excercise more than usual:)

  4. Yum your tuna sounds delicious!
    I try to drink lots of water/tea and eat lots of veggies when I've over-done it!

  5. Everything looks delicious...I want that Ragu now!

  6. Looks SO great. My favorite way to get back into healthy eating is remembering the past already happened and each day is a new day. I like to just start from scratch and get back into eating balanced healthy meals and snacks...and always a little dessert and wine for sanity sake :)

  7. Yay for holiday weekends! I had a few indulgences myself, but it's back to normal eating and exercising for me. Those kiddos are just too adorable!