Thursday, July 15, 2010

Iced Coffee

Happy Thursday everyone!  Are we all glad tomorrow is Friday?  It’s been a busy week here in Mommy RD’s house.  A birthday party, the real birthday, a new car (more on that to come), hosting playgroup birthday party number 2, and of course trying to get some workouts in as well.  Today’s boot camp class was killer.  It was pretty much all HIIT, with a few pushups and lunges thrown in for our “rest.”  One of the gals in class looked at her Bodybugg and exclaimed she had never burned as many calories in an hour before.  I was glad I had started my morning with a big iced coffee to get me going.


My recent purchase of the Bodum French Press (thanks to hearing everyone rave about French pressed coffee both in blogs and in real life) has been wonderful for making iced coffee.  Since it’s 110+ everyday, hot coffee hasn’t been appealing.  With the French press, I can make strong coffee that works perfectly when poured over milk and ice.  A little sweetner and a glass straw, and wallah!  OK, well, it’s not that quick, but it is good!

I love the “layered” look, achieved by pouring the milk in first, then adding the coffee. 


Since class was such a killer this morning I’ve been hungry all day.  Off to replenish those calories.  Maybe another piece of this…


We had so much cake leftover I’m pretty much eating my weight in cake everyday.

Do you eat extra when you’ve had a hard workout?

Since I’m not trying to lose weight, I make sure to refuel and also am a little more lax with extra indulgences. 


  1. I love working out hard too!!!
    I don't fuel extra...unless you count my vino:)
    And if I am riding like 50 miles...than I just have too! It burns over 1500 on those days...I do eat extra!!
    I am not a sweets i'd have no problem not eating the cake:)

  2. I usually try not to eat extra since I'm always trying to loose "those extra 3 lbs". :) But sometimes I get super hungry after a hard workout and can't help myself.

    Birthday cake leftovers are not allowed in my house. I would demolish them. :)

  3. I normally do eat extra. I just eat if I'm hungry (most of the time ;))

  4. BEAUTIFUL layers!! That look so elegant! I always eat extra when I work out. I end up thinking "whoa my appetite is out of control" but in reality it is just my bodying telling me to fuel.

  5. You know, my hunger really varies. Sometime I actually find working out zaps my hunger and then other times I'm famished! Definitely heard a lot of people writing about the Bodum. How does it compare to a coffee maker.

  6. I've been craving coffee lately and I'm not much of a coffee drinker, yours looks tasty. After a long ride I always seem to eat A LOT to make up for what I didn't replenish during the ride. But it's been so dang hot here like you, and I haven't been able to get longer rides in so I've been trying to not overeat :) Loved all the birthday photos, Ava is just precious! awww

  7. Question - is that the special iced coffee press? (I was just reading about that too) I have a french press but not specifically an iced one...

  8. Emily,
    No it's not a special iced coffee press, just a regular French press. Just brew the coffee a little stronger than you normally do, since it will get diluted as you pour it over ice.