Friday, July 23, 2010

Look What I Found!

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope your day is going bueno.  It is nice and cloudy here today, which means it will only be 99 degrees!  We have about 330 days of sunshine, so a cloudy day is a welcomed treat.  Kinda backwards huh? 

I went to a sculpt class at the gym this morning with my friend Renee.  It was a great class that worked me in a different way than I’m used to.  I tend to try to take heavier weights in most of these type of classes, but the instructor did such integrated moves with high repetitions, that my arms/shoulders were completely toast with 5 lb dumb bells.  I know I will be feeling this tomorrow.  (Which I love!) 

I had a fun food find this week that I knew only the blog world of foodies would appreciate.

The ever elusive…


Canned pumpkin!!!!

I have been looking for canned pumpkin since shortly after Christmas time.  I was told after 12 different stores that because the pumpkin crop was so poor last year, that they had run out, and had no idea when it would return.  I don’t know if my regular store has any yet, as I found this one at a store on the other side of town.  All I know is that I couldn’t wait to make pumpkin oats!


(oatmeal, chia seeds and pumpkin)  The only thing I put on my oatmeal is brown sugar.  I’m not a big fan of nut butters on oatmeal, nor granolas, etc.  Ava eats this as well, in fact this is her bowl, sans the brown sugar.  She LOVED it! 

I have a good eater, and I’m sure she is destined to be a little foodie.  She ate the same size portion of oats this morning I did, and happily lifted her bowl and licked it!  Hmmm…I wonder where she learned that. 

Looking forward to a pretty chill weekend.  I’d like to do a little cooking, a little working out, and a lot of relaxing.  Sounds good, right? 

Ava’s waving bye –bye to you all for the weekend.


How do you use canned pumpkin, besides pumpkin pie? 


  1. what a cutie! i love me some canned pumpkin, too!

  2. I just found canned pumpkin myself too!! I was shocked.. I guess the shortage is over! I made pumpkin chocolate chip bread when I found it :)

  3. SUCH A CUTIE!!!! I love chia pumpkin oats! It's almost like a custard...simply amazing! Glad she liked it ...aspiring foodie?

  4. I haven't gotten too creative with pumpkin yet....just pie, cookies and muffins. I guess I need to be more creative!

  5. I'm so jealous! I've been looking for pumpkin every week. SO glad to know its making a come back. I'll keep my eyes pealed!

  6. Yum...i love pumpkin anything:)
    I too have spent countless hours looking for it and haven't have any luck!
    Hopefully the pumpkin crop will be better this year:)

  7. I saw a recipe (not sure where) but it was for a box of cake mix and a can of pumpkin. It was more dense and fudgy than cake...but did have a hint of pumpkin. I wasn't a HUGE fan but it was decent!

  8. Adorable. I will admit I prefer pumpkin in savory dishes so I like to make enchiladas with it.