Friday, July 9, 2010


No, not me, the burger place.  Last night we attended a happy hour that our gym sponsored at the new Lush Burger in Scottsdale.  DSC02793

The outside patio.  The foggy/smoky haze you see are misters.  Anyplace with an outdoor patio needs to be equipped with misters when it’s above 100 degrees.  When we arrived, it was 110.

DSC02792  DSC02794 DSC02795

This place is not your average “burger joint.”  I loved the black, white, and red colors of this swanky bar area. 


Someone is showing off a little tummy. 


I started with a glass of pinot grigio that wasn’t very good, so I switched over to a glass of chardonnay.  Since it was sponsored by our gym, food was brought out to us (in abundance) without without having to order or wait.  Look at these gorgeous sweet and white potato fries.  Served with ketchup and a chipotle sauce.  I’m not one to go out of my way for fries, but those sweet potato ones were quite yummy. 


One of the many sliders that were consumed.  Tasted just like my dad’s burgers on the grill.  Taken up a notch with the ciabatta bun dusted with sea salt.  Mmmm…..meaty. 


We also had an unpictured strawberry fields salad with goat cheese that was out of this world good. 

Although we didn’t have to pay for anything, I peaked at the menu and noticed that prices were quite reasonable.  I would definitely come back and give some of their other salads and burgers a try. 

Thanks to the Village Health Club for a great Friday Eve outing! 

What are your plans for the weekend?

We are having Ava’s 1st Birthday party on Sunday!  I’ll be doing a lot of cooking and cleaning between now and then!


  1. Awe... Ave's turning one!!! Happy birthday Ava!

  2. Aww Happy Birthday Ava!

    This weekend I am babysitting Saturaddy night for a little girl I used to nanny for, I'm so excited!

    Sunday, I hope to make it to the beach on the lake if the weather isn't rainy. Can't wait!

    Have fun with the little one!

  3. Wow! Cannot believe she is 1. Time sure flies. I have plans to go to a couple of outdoor festivals and do some baking.

  4. Awe happy birthday Ava!!! SUCH a cutie! I love sweet potato fries too...not a big fries girl but those are my favorite. I've also had some killer rosemary/sea salt fries before. This weekend is just relaxing, eating and wine-ing. Have fun with the party!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Ava!!! Hope the party was a success!

  6. Oh I hope the party went well! Can't wait to hear about it!!