Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review: Trader Joe’s Seasoned Mahi Mahi Fillets


Last night’s grilled dinner could not have been easier thanks to Trader Joe’s Seasoned Mahi Mahi fillets.  I think Mellissa had the same idea! 

On a whim, I bought this package of pre-marinated frozen fish while shopping at TJ’s on Sunday.  (I usually don’t buy seafood, chicken, or pork with any seasonings or flavors as I prefer to make my own.)  But, for some reason, these called out to me as something that might be an easy weeknight meal. 


Not only was it easy, it was delicious!  The fish was moist, flavorful, and nice portioned.  I liked that the seasonings enhanced the fish, but didn’t overpower it.  I also loved that I didn’t have to come up with something to top it or pre-plan a marinade.  All that was left to do was clean a few veggies and add those to the grill as well.   Mellissa made an awesome black bean salad to accompany her meal, which looks like the perfect pairing. 

I will definitely buy these again, and maybe even be open to trying some other pre-seasoned meats/fish/proteins.  I struggle with this, as I always believed they were less healthy, overly processed, or the “cheater’s” way to cook.  Well, no longer.  I realize that it is fun to have a new flavor twist (that isn’t Asian) and not have to worry about how ‘to do’ the fish tonight while trying to feed, bathe, and read to Ava.   Healthy, easy, and tasty – it’s a win-win. 

Off to get more accomplished this afternoon.  I need to make a Target trip for the third time this week and stop at the grocery store.  Does anyone else get caught in the money pit that is Target?  It is not humanly possible for me to come out of there with one thing.  I also need to stretch or do some yoga, as my legs and low back are really feeling tight.  I want to be ready for Boot Camp tomorrow morning! 

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s Wine.  I’m trying an old favorite tonight.

Do you buy pre-seasoned or pre-marinated meats or seafood? 


  1. Generally I like to season meats and seafood myself. There have been maybe less than 5 times that I have actually bought it pre-seasoned.. I really can't remember the last time it's happened but I'm sure there have been a handful. I think seasoning meals yourself give you more freedom to ensure you and your family will like it!

  2. Mmmmm! I have a Trader Joe's trip planned soon. I'll look for that. I'm always on the look out for easy, quick meals :)

  3. When I'm looking for a quick easy meal, I 'll buy pre-marinated and it's usually delicious!... like your's!

    Your previous jobs sound awesome! But I agree... I don't know how fun a clinical setting would be long term. Do you love being a SAHM?

  4. I don't buy alot of pre-seasoned items due to the salt content and the funky ingredient list. I do buy these Trader Joe's Seasoned Mahi-Mahi Fillets though. I think there are maybe 5 ingredients listed, all of which I would add myself.
    These make excellent fish tacos too.

  5. I have to get these for my honey. He will love!
    You are joking about Target, right? It is my enemy/love of my life. :)