Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wednesday’s Wine

Last night, after I put Ava down to bed, I opened a wine that used to be one of my favorites.  Back when I was single, I would have a glass of this almost every night while watching CSI repeats.  I haven’t had it in several years and when I saw it at the store last week, I decided to revisit it for “Wednesday’s wine.”  What makes “Wednesday’s Wine” special, is that Scott is gone Wednesday evenings playing tennis.  It is my “me” night to open whatever wine I want, read gossip magazines or blogs, and not cook dinner.  So, the Cline Viognier, of my yester-year was a perfect pick. 
 Cline Viognier 2009
I love me a good viognier.  The body of a chardonnay, the sweet, fruity bouquet, with a dry finish.  The taste of peach and apricot took me right back to sitting in my condo and watching Grissom solving a murder on the strip in Vegas. 
These days I enjoy red wine so much more than whites, so I won’t be drinking this as often, but I sure will pick it up again for some of these hot evenings when a white sounds good.  I also think this is a wine that would be a good crowd pleaser.  It will satisfy both the sweeter wine lovers and the chardonnay and dry wine drinkers. 
On my “TO DO” list for today:
  • Bootcamp!
  • Laundry for trip
  • Start packing
  • Make dessert for our dinner party tomorrow night
  • Make homemade popsicles with our new popsicle molds.  :-)  (Thanks for the ideas Estela.)
  • Stay in a/c as much as possible   (Heat advisory warnings – 113 degrees today!)
Reminder:  Don’t forget to enter for the Terra Chips giveaway.  Winner will be chosen on Friday! 


  1. Cline Viognier is one of the only whites I like!

  2. That sounds like a perfect way to spend a Wednesday!!

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

    And a night of not having to cook and chilling with wine sounds divine!!!

  4. I also love that "alone night" during the week, and interestingly enough LOVE some CSI with my wine :)

  5. its way too hot here too and I'm out of white wine, eek! Store run is a must. :)

  6. 113 degrees?! Woah... stay cool!

    Sometimes I love when Hubbs works late because I get the same "alone" wine time... so relaxing :)

  7. Yum. This wine sounds perfect for hot and steamy weather. I'm headed to Phoenix/Scottsdale for work next week so i guess that is what kind of crazy hot weather is in store for me!

  8. I apologize, I didn't realize I was logged into my old wordpress blog, I am now at blogspot!. Sorry!