Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting There is Half the Fun

Hey bloggies!  I hope you all had a spectacular weekend.  Summer is going fast isn’t it? 

We made it to La Jolla on Saturday and are enjoying beautiful cool weather.  Friday it was 110 in Scottsdale, and Saturday afternoon, when we arrived in San Diego County, the high was 68 degrees!  A refreshing shock to my body!

I want to tell you a little about our journey.  It is a 6 hour drive to San Diego from our home (1 hour of that is just getting to the west side of Phoenix) which usually includes a stop for a bathroom break, gas and letting Chase “do his business.”  We timed our leaving in the morning to coincide with Ava’s morning nap.  Well, it wasn’t that easy, 45 minutes into driving and before we even had left Phoenix proper, both the dog and Ava had been crying or wimpering the entire time.  I made Scott pull off the freeway and grabbed some Children’s Benedryl.  Don’t judge…we had 5 1/2 more hours.  It worked like a charm and after a few hours, everyone was awake, happy and ready to do some wine tasting!   OK, wine tasting for Scott and I, and outside enjoyment for Ava and Chase.

DSC03006 DSC03010

We made a detour through Temecula to check out a couple of southern California’s wine country. Temecula is about an our outside San Diego, and also not much more than an hour from some parts of L.A.  This area is beautiful with rolling hills and high mountains that form the backdrop.  The region is unusually diverse in the grape varieties it has, ranging from riesling and chardonnay to cabs and merlots.  Our first stop was Baily Vineyard. 


We shared a tasting, that also included a logo glass.  A “tasting” gave us 6 choices of wines.  We started with the chardonnay, which was my favorite.  A mid-afternoon treat that had a hint of peach and apple, and although oaked, did not taste the slightest bit of oak or wood.  I love the brighter chardonnays like this, versus the heavy oaky and buttery ones of northern California.  So good we purchased a bottle. 

Next up was a lovely dry rose’.  It was dry and not a bit like the white zinfandel it resembles in color.  No, this was a rose of cabernet and bone dry. 

Next we went to a couple of reds.  While good, they didn’t stand out enough for me to want to take one home. 

 DSC03011 DSC03015

Here is Ava going through the tour maps deciding where we should stop next.  Doesn’t she look serious about her chore? 


She pointed to Hart, which is exactly where we went.  (It didn’t hurt that it was just a few blocks down the same road.)  I loved this place as it was a little more quaint and laid back.  Plus, you can’t beat the view walking up;


We split a tasting here as well.  Sadly, I was in charge of holding Ava, so I didn’t get many photos.  Splitting the tasting was ideal, since it allowed us each a “sip” of each wine, without worrying about the 45 minute drive we still had to our destination.  It was such a perfect afternoon, and really made the journey of getting there “half of the fun!”

Do you like the journey of getting to your destination, or is it your least favorite part? 

Stay tuned for more from San Diego – including beautiful Farmer’s Market goodies. 


  1. So glad you made it to San Diego! Getting to my destination is always fun.. its the driving home that I'm not a fan of...

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Glad you're here and enjoying our strange summer weather! I love getting to my destination!

  3. CANT WAIT TO READ ABOUT THE MARKET!!!!! AH I am so excited! Looks like you had a fantastic time! I love La Jolla! Ava looks so beautiful I'm glad she could be your little decision maker haha :)

  4. Oh I love the vineyard. SO beautiful. I wish I lived on one. Great wines and beautiful atmosphere.

  5. I enjoy it all...going ,there and recalling it!

  6. Sometimes (but not always) I like the journey. It's surprising to me that your drive is not longer though! Since it is 8 hours from Chicago to the Twin Cities I would have just assumed it was further.

    BTW, are you a fan of fume blanc? I just had a glass of the Ferrari Carano fume blanc (here in Scottsdale ironically) last night and it was fantastic.

  7. 68 degrees sounds glorious! I'm so jealous of your vineyard adventures. Sometimes the journey gives you the best memories!