Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lean and Green

Is the name of the neat little organic health food bar/cafe we visited on one of our last days in La Jolla.  We found it while we were taking a walk the day before, and decided to get some take-out the next day for our picnic by the ocean.  Looking at the menu, the foodie in me was in lunch heaven.  Salads, bowls, and wraps in yummy combinations – the only negative was having to narrow it down to two.  The dietitian in me was content, knowing everything was all natural, organic and there were several vegan and gluten free options. 

Eventually we decided on 2 wraps that we would share.  The wraps came in your choice of whole wheat tortilla, gluten free tortilla, or Napa cabbage.  We chose one in Napa cabbage with the “build your own” ingredients.  This tasty half contained marinated tofu, sprouts, avocado, tomato and sesame miso dressing.  The miso dressing made it, a bit tangy and a little salty, was the perfect marriage to the creamy avocado and big chunks of tofu.  I was proud of our creation!

DSC03145 DSC03146

The other wrap we chose was the “Turkey+Goat Cheese+Sprout” on the Gluten Free tortilla.   (I had never had a GF tortilla.)  This baby came with roasted turkey breast, goat cheese, ripe tomatoes, sprouts, baby spinach, and a buttermilk herb dressing.  OMG, how could something so simple taste so sinful? 


My two halves …still can’t decide if one was better than the other, or if I just give them a tie for deliciousness.  Lean and Green knows wraps!!

I only wish we had found this little spot sooner in the trip so I could have returned to try all the combinations.  Or better yet, that there was one in Scottsdale!  


  1. The wraps look delicious! I usually love anything involving goat cheese.

  2. Oh I wish I had a Lean and Green near me- looks like a delicious little place! :)

  3. I'm love, love loving the cabbage as the wrap. Similar to what you made the other day and sounds oh so delicious. Do you know, was the cabbage raw or did they steam it lightly before rolling to make it a little more pliable?

  4. I'd kill for that wrap right now. I'll trade you a brownie for it, hehe.

  5. Kelly,
    I think it was raw - but I had the same question. Usually when I do collard green wraps, I lightly steam them first (or like 40 sec in the microwave.) I've never used Napa cabbage, but it is a little more pliable on it's own, so it may not have needed any steaming.

  6. Yum that looks soo good! Cheese makes everything taste awesome ha!