Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday, Monday

Hi!!!  How are you?  I hope your Monday is starting out well and that you all had a relaxing weekend!  Did you do anything fun?

I swear after how last week dragged, the weekend flew!  We started Saturday morning with a 5 mile run.  It felt good to be back out there and I finished 5 miles in 44 minutes – pushing the jog stroller.  I was really happy with that pace since my running has been slacking lately.  Other accomplishments of the weekend included yard work, buying Ava a new convertible car seat, groceries, and of course, some house cleaning.  We also had some relaxing time with Season 3 of Mad Men (love this show!), and a dinner party with friends. 

A few eats from the weekend included:

Friday Night = Pizza Night

Smoked salmon, fresh dill, capers, fontina cheese, and arugula.  I wasn’t sure if this flavor combo would work, but it was quite amazing.  A little salty, a little creamy, and the tomato sauce really helped balance it all.  Would do this one again for sure!


Goat cheese, organic arugula and heirloom tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and balsamic reduction.  No matter what other pizzas I make, I always come back to this one, a clear winner every time! 


Simple Sunday night dinner of fish and veggies.  I made the fish by coating it with a light layer of crushed pecans and panko.  Sometimes a little simplicity goes a long way.  This was a delightful topping that really let the flavor of the fresh fish shine.  Rounded out with sweet potato and green beans to make a colorful meal. 

 DSC02757 DSC02759

Well folks I’m off to the gym for a cardio muscle class.  Enjoy your Monday.  It’s the last “official” week of summer! 

What is the best thing you ate or drank this weekend? 

What is your favorite pizza combination? 


  1. You are speedy...especially considering your were pushing a stroller. I am curious to see what running feeling like whenI am pushing a stroller.

    Delicious looking pizza :) I love pizza piled high with veggies and only a little cheese.

  2. oh yum! that heirloom tomato pizza looks heavenly.

    I ate some amazing homemade BBQ that one of my friends spent all day cooking- delish!

  3. Sounds like a great run! Running with the jogging stroller can tough sometimes!

  4. Love the salmon pizza combo! Yum!
    I finally had a weekend at home so I went to farmers market, yoga, etc! So nice!
    Oh and wine and food was involved of course!

  5. I love artichoke hearts, mushrooms and black olive on my pizza - so good! I also enjoyed some wonderful Woodchuck cider this weekend - also delicious!

  6. I am a mushroom and pepperoni pizza fan, old school but so darn good.

  7. Thats a great pace with a jogging stroller, impressive!
    Best thing I drank, pure thai sake. Ahhh, so good!

  8. the jogging stroller is a necessary evil BUT it slows you down soooo much. well me. but apparently not you :) great job!

  9. Friday is pizza night in our house also! They both look amazing! :)