Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday’s Wine and a Give Away!

Happy Humpday!  Is this week flying or is it just me?  We are having a lot of fun with my mom, “NeeNee.”   Ava loves showing off the things she has been learning, including taking her first steps on Monday.  She is so proud of herself every time she walks now. 

For today’s wine, I’m going to talk about a wine we had last Wednesday.  The Josefina 2008 Syrah Rose’.  This lovely dry rose hails from Paso Robles, California.  When I went wine tasting in that area a few years ago, I remember the wonderful rose’s that area produced.  For those white zinfandel lovers, this is NOT it.  Dry, but not so dry that it isn’t refreshing on a warm summer afternoon, and full of berries, like you’d expect in a syrah.  Nice and light, it was perfect with our picnic lunch.  (Remember, we were on vacation.  Wine at lunch is totally acceptable.  :-) 


This wine was a total steal at Trader Joe’s for only $4.99!  Love that!

I don’t drink rose’ very often, and I think it is because I really do consider it a “lunch time or afternoon” wine.  It doesn’t have enough structure to satisfy my “wine tooth,” so if I were to have it in the evening with dinner, I’d still want a glass of “real” wine.  Does that make sense? 

Do you have certain wines that you like, but don’t find “satisfying?”

And now, for the GIVE AWAY! 

I was recently contacted by the Hain-Celestial Group to review their Family Fitness Fun Challenge giveaway package.


I received this package full of fun, healthy snacks.   


As you can see, the Snackin’ Fruit Hearts are Ava approved!  She didn’t have the patience to wait for mom to get her more.  

DSC02999 DSC03001 

I think Chase wanted to get in on some of the treats too. 


The giveaway package for one lucky reader to win, will include:

• Garden of Eatin’® Popped Tortillas

• ALMOND DREAM™ non-dairy beverage

• Earth’s Best Sesame Street® Organic Snackin’ Fruit Hearts/ Rings

• MaraNatha® Organic No Stir Peanut Butter

• Health Valley® Granola Bars

• Free Earth’s Best Frozen Product Coupon

Sports Authority® gift card ($25 value)

You can also visit www.Takea, beginning August 2nd, where you can register for the Family Fitness Fun Challenge and receive high value coupons and Sports Authority® Gift Cards. 

To Enter:

1.  Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite wine

2.  Mention this give away on your blog for an extra entry, and comment here telling me you did so

3.  Bonus entry:  register for the Family Fitness Fun Challenge and leave me a comment telling me you did so. 

Winner will be randomly chosen on Monday, August 23rd. 


  1. My favorite wine is Chardonnay....almost any kind will do!
    Congrats on Ava's first steps! How exciting!

  2. I like Rodney Strong Chardonnay.

  3. blogged.

  4. I registered for the Family Fitness Fun Challenge.

  5. your comment to me today about being pressed for time, no worries
    and being a dietitian and trying to help/tell people what they should and shouldnt be eating...i wouldnt have lasted 1 day in that job! sounds like you're happy to be done too :)

    i signed up for the FFFChallenge

  6. My favorite wine is Italian Chianti or any Italian Red.

  7. I don;t have a favorite brand of wine, but I've never met a pinot noir that I didn't like! :)

  8. Oh I am loving Rose right now. And a Syrah Rose, sounds yummy! Youre lucky to have a trader joes. Favorite wine is a Rose from Gibson winery in new zealand. It was the BEST i've ever had and I'm not even a Rose drinker. Lately, thats all changed! hehe.

  9. My favorite wine right now is Pinot Noir, no favorite brand name in particular!!

  10. Favorite wine? Cabernet...I don't have a particular brand.

  11. Though generally I'm a Cabernet person my favorite wine is from a local vineyard here called Alto Vineyards. I'm in love with their Rocko Red which is a semi-dry wine.

  12. Hope this doesn't sound like a cop-out but I don't like wine, so my favorite wine is no wine! But if I have to pick something without knowing how it tastes, I would pick the wines we had at our wedding -- we gave out mini wine bottles in our welcome bags!

  13. Ahh Ava is so cute! I love Garden of Eatin chips! Every time you see a blue chip on my blog it's their brand! I have definitely felt that way about a wine. As of recent some of the Kendall Jackson wines have been that way. I love them, they are wonderful, however; after trying some others they aren't quite as satisfying. We need to do a wineo exchange!

  14. Your daughter is adorable! Taking the first steps is such a milestone!

    We "discovered" the Paso Robles wine area earlier in the summer when we stopped on our way to San Diego to visit my brother-in-law. Great wines! I love your photos from the San Diego area farmers' markets in your earlier posts. I love farmers' markets and sometimes forget how spoiled we are in California...