Monday, September 13, 2010

Homemade Sushi Night

Hello from Minnesota!

Gosh, it was sure different getting up for a run this morning in 50 degrees, compared to the 80 degrees that I ran in Saturday!  It actually affected my pace a little, as my lungs were not quite ready for that cold air.  My legs felt great after having a rest day yesterday.  It was also a bonus not having to push the jog stroller since Ava stayed and played with Grandma NeeNee.

Now let’s rewind to last Friday.  We celebrated my birthday with a couple of my good friends coming over and making homemade sushi!  Sarah gave me a sushi cookbook for my birthday the week before, so we had to try it out.  It’s actually not as hard as you think. 

First off, Scott prepped a few ingredients for “filling” as I worked on the rice.  (We used sushi rice, and cooked it in the rice cooker.)  So far, piece of cake.  Hey, did someone say cake


When the rice is done cooking, you combine it with a little bit of rice vinegar, mirin, and salt in a non metallic bowl.  Easy right?  Making sushi rolls is fun for a dinner party because everyone can get involved and it lends to great creativity in your rolls.    Here’s the first couple we produced. 


Make sure you have plenty of edammame for hungry sushi rollers. 


Here are a couple we tried with soy paper, and with a cucumber “wrapper” usually known as a “lollipop” roll.  Not as pretty, but these were a lot more advanced.  But, they still tasted yummy!


Setting the table in an Asian theme.  Our nights have finally cooled down, so we took advantage and ate out on the patio.



Spicy tuna hand rolls, part of a Rainbow roll and some nigari sushi.  (We found sashimi grade ahi and salmon at Whole Foods.)   We may never go out for sushi again!


So glad we got over being intimidated by sushi and decided to give it a go.  We gobbled up every last piece.


It was such a fun night!

Have you ever made homemade sushi?  What is one food or cuisine that’s you haven’t made because you didn’t think you ‘could?’

Have a great Monday bloggies!  We are off to go hunt down some fall Honeycrisp apples, that are literally grown almost in my parents’ backyard. 


  1. Homemade sushi sounds like so much fun! & yours looks great :) Maybe I'll work my way up to sushi... sure does sound like a fun stay-at-home date night idea!

  2. I've always been to scared to make sushi! I've made veggie rolls, but have never used raw fish, I suppose I should just get over it!

  3. Happy belated Birthday!!! How exciting that you've decided to run a half!

    The sushi looks AMAZING! I've only made simple rice/veggie rolls before. Your rolls make me want to experiment a bit more! I love your plates! Very pretty.

    Enjoy Minnesota!

  4. guys did a GREAT job!! I've never made sushi before. I'm the only sushi eater in my house. Maybe I'll have a sushi party one day and invite people that actually eat it! :)

  5. Yum... I love sushi but have never tried to make it!
    And...honeycrips apples...they ROCK!!!
    Have a great week:)

  6. I love making sushi! Its been a long time though. I need to buy more sushi rice. We've never bought sushi grade fish though...always used cooked fish at home. But I will check out Whole Foods. I'm definitely a fan of the raw kind.

  7. we love making homemade sushi too! Although I can never get it to look very pretty, haha.

  8. Never done homemade sushi - it's so intimidating! Yours looks fantastic though! What a fun night!

  9. Homemade recipes can be done right if you have a complete set of kitchen equipment. I'll try preparing sushi once I am done remodeling my kitchen.