Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Bar-B-Que, Middle Eastern Style

Good afternoon!

Sorry for the late posting, but Ava has decided she doesn’t care to take a morning nap lately.  I really hope we are not done with them entirely, as that is my time to eat breakfast and catch up on blogs without having to keep a watchful eye on what she’s up to.  Did you all have a fun holiday weekend?  Tell me about it. 

I had quite the surprise this weekend, more to come on that tomorrow.  For today, I want to share with you the fantastic, albeit, not All-American at all, meal we made at a Labor Day party at our friends’, John and Renee’s, home. 

Starting with Emily’s Watermelon with Feta Cream appetizer.  


I loved the look of it so much when I saw it on her blog Friday, that I had to make it.  Ridiculously easy, and even more ridiculously tasty, this one is a sure winner.

Next up was the salad.  We are a little obsessed with Grilled Romaine at our house, so we had to bring that.  Another simple recipe that is always a  crowd pleaser. 


Now, on to our ethnic feast.  Starting with grain-free tabbouleh. So fresh and light, this really was such a nice side to the heavier lamb. 


Fried onions and muhamarra sauce – a roasted pepper and pomegranate molasses puree. (condiments for the Lamb Kofte)


Yogurt tahini sauce that was so yummy you want to drink it.  (I may or may not have ate some of the leftovers by the spoonful.)


The Lamb Kofte.  Perfect little burgers about the size of falafel.  Perfectly spiced for a rich flavor that didn’t overpower the fresh lamb meat. 


Altogether with warm, doughy flat bread.   So good I can almost still taste what a great combination of flavors this was. 

 DSC03268 DSC03269

Recipes for the lamb and tabbouleh can be found here and here.  Most of us ended up putting the cucumber tabbouleh right on our sandwich for a little extra crunch, but it is perfect as a side dish.  Enjoy!

What is the best thing you did over the weekend?  What is the best thing you ate?

I will share the other big highlight of my weekend with you tomorrow…

Finally, a little fun at the aquatic center in our neighborhood, yesterday.  We also did the lazy river and the waterslide!

DSC03270 DSC03273


  1. What a great labor day menu!!! Ours was pretty basic... turkey burgers and brats :)

  2. Can I lick the computer screen? Would that be weird? YUM!!!!

    I went to a wedding and had a blast! I had an In N Out burger that was amazing as usual. I eat those so rarely that I savored every bite. :)

  3. Please excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard... WOWza... your Labor day feast looks AMAZING!!!

    Can you believe I've never had grilled romaine? And it looks SO good!! Did you top it with capers and parm?

  4. Yummm! Glad you liked the watermelon & feta - your feast looks amazing, I think I made those lamb kofte's - SO good! (except I was too lazy to make the muhamara sauce)