Friday, September 10, 2010

Scallop Dinner and Announcement

Good morning!

It’s Friday – (hands waving in the air) and it’s my birthday!  (shameless plug numero uno)  Didn’t this short week fly by?  I have all sorts of stuff to get done today because Ava and I are leaving Sunday for a couple of weeks in Minnesota. I also have a birthday announcement to make (shameless plug number 2.)  More on that in a minute. 

The other day jumbo scallops were on sale, so I splurged and decided to pair them with some heirloom tomatoes that were also on special.  I thought this was a fun presentation with a cauliflower puree in the middle.  (Balsamic syrup for flavah and colah.)


Scott played around with a different presentation and added a couple sugar snap peas for color.  Maybe we should take a vote on the better presentation?


Scallops were simply seared in a couple of teaspoons of real butter and a little S & P.

Now, for my little “announcement”. 

In light of the fact that I’m the big 4-0, (shameless plug number 3,) I’ve decided to come out of distance-running retirement, and do a half marathon!.  I know that’s not entirely a long distance, but it will be on these 40-year old knees.  The other motivator…it’s in Long Beach, California- next month.  Running along the ocean in October?  Doesn’t sound to shabby, right?  After that, back to “retirement” and runs no longer than 4 miles.  (If I can still walk.) 

So, tomorrow will be 7 miles.  Luckily, the mornings are cooling off, so it should be enjoyable.  Today I’m going to have an active rest day by swimming a few laps, followed by some fun pool play with Ava. 

Vote – which presentation of our scallop dinner do you like better?  Remember it is my birthday.  :-)   (Shameless plug number 4.) 

See you from Minnesota!!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Your presentation is my favorite :)

    I think running a half-marathon is a great idea! I'd like to get back into doing those as some point too.

    Have a great b-day!

  2. Happy birthday. You look fabulous for any age, 40 included and I love that you weren't afraid to put it out there. I hate that sometimes as women we are taught to be bashful about our age rather than embracing it!

    Don't tell Scott, but I do like your presentation better :)
    Have a fabulous weekend - hope the long run goes well!

  4. yea! That will be fun! FIt, Forty, and fabulous! I like presentation number 1.

  5. I like your presentation better :) Happy Birthday!

  6. Yippee...a half marathon!!!
    I would love to know how you eat...if you change your your miles increase! for me....I struggle even more with my weight as I increase my mileage in running or biking b/c I am so HUNGRY all the time!!!!!
    I love the half distance....just enough to kick your butt but still not kill you!!!
    Good luck and keep us posted:)

  7. Oops....just realized I didn't say....
    HAppY bIRthDay!!!!
    You sure do rock I mean....40!!!!!!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!!! I like your presentation better!