Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello bloggies!

Aren’t short weeks fun?  Like it feels like Tuesday, but it’s really Wednesday.  LOVE that! 

Yesterday I mentioned that I had a little surprise to tell you about.  Well, remember last Friday when we were talking about weekend plans and I mentioned we were going out for sushi for a friend’s birthday?  Turns out, my husband and friends had planned a surprise birthday party for me!  I can’t believe it because I usually can smell what Scott is up to a mile away.  They threw my off because it really was Mike’s birthday over the weekend, and because they did it a week early.  My birthday isn’t until this Friday. 

I was completely surprised and caught off guard.  SO.MUCH.FUN!

There were props…


There were BFF’s…



There was sushi and cocktails…


But, where did that balloon with the 4-0 come from?  It must be for someone else…

I think I’m most surprised that I’m 40.  When did that happen!? 


Friends under the fog of misters on the patio. 

Let’s just say I was a little slow getting up the next morning, clearly showing my age.  Well worth it, as it was so much fun to celebrate with my wonderful husband and great friends. 

Back to reality now…sigh.

A busy day today:

P90X Chest and Back

Grocery store

Clean playroom and family room for tomorrow’s playgroup

Bake banana bread (for tomorrow’s playgroup)

Swimming with Ava


Have you ever had or given a surprise party?  Was it a successful surprise?


  1. What a great party!!!!!!!

    I love surprise parties!

    My husband surprised me for my 30th! It was tons of fun :)

  2. sushi and cocktails is my kinda party! Love it! Happy belated birthday.

  3. Ohhh, that is SO sweet! Happy Birthday! :)
    My friends surprised me on my 21st Birthday with a limo - I will never forget that night!!

  4. What a great birthday surprise, I am glad he kept you in the dark!

  5. How fun!!! Happy early birthday!!
    I've never been surprised for a birthday but I've had other surprises (gifts, engagement, etc).

  6. Aw, what a sweet<3!!! Happy early birthday!!

    My birthday is sept 20... and I celebrate all month long... so do it with me :)

  7. What a sweet thing to do! And good for him for throwing you off the trail :) Happy birthday (a day early). I hope you get to celebrate again this weekend.

  8. Happy early Birthday!!! What an awesome surprise. My hubby arranged a surprise dinner for me with my family to celebrate our engagement at my favorite restaurant!