Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday Night Football = Quick and Easy Meal

Good morning!  I hope you are all off to a good Tuesday.  Today is a tale of a last minute Quick and Easy dinner. 

I have been waiting for the last few weeks for last night’s Monday Night Football game.  You see, I’m a huge Vikings fan, so it’s always fun when they are on national TV, because I don’t get to see all the games if they are not being broadcast in Arizona.  Secondly, we go to our club for Monday Night Football every week for the party they throw for watching the weekly game.  It’s a lot of fun and they provide free food, beer and wine.  (Score – dinner is taken care of!)  I was planning on wearing my Vikings jersey (yes, I’m THAT one) and dressing Ava in her little Vikings outfit, that we bought just for this occasion. 


Cutest Vikings fan ever, right? 

Well, it didn’t happen.

Ava is cutting her first two molars.  To the point where her gums are bloody and blistered (sorry if TMI), and she was quite miserable all day yesterday.  So, we quickly changed gears, and clothes, and stayed home.  I was scrambling for dinner faster than Brett Favre was scrambling from the Jets defense. 

Enter another one of my one bowl, ‘Quick and Easy’ meals.

Admittedly, this is a “throw together whatever is left in the refrigerator” meal, but it turned out fabulous!


For 2 servings:

2 bags of shiratake noodles

2 big handfuls of fresh kale, cleaned and torn into bite sized pieces

1 leftover precooked chicken breast

1/2 cup canned pumpkin

1/2 cup blue cheese crumbles

salt and pepper (to taste)


Wine pairing:  This was really yummy along side of the Chariot Gypsy 2008 Red blend.  As I’ve mentioned in the past; red blends can be a really great value, giving you the best of all the grape varietals in the blend, enhancing each unique contribution.   This was nice and big, with notes of berries and sweet vanilla.  A perfect everyday red. 


Are you a fan of football?  If so, what is “your” team?


  1. Even though I live in MN, I am still a Packer fan since I grew up 30 minutes from Lambeau. The game was not very good last night, they looked horrible!

  2. What a cute little football fan! If I had to choose and pro team, it would be the Packers! But I'm more of a college football girl and love my Georgia Bulldogs, despite them sucking this year :)

  3. Poor Ava! She looks cute at least!! :)
    I'm a Chargers fan all the way! Go Bolts!

  4. She IS the cutest vikings fan!! It might be hard to believe but I like both the Vikings AND the Packers...Vikings more....Brett more :)

  5. oh what a cute fan!!!I love that recipe with the shiratke noodles. Will have to pick up some pumpkin ASAP.

  6. What a cutie:):)
    I have always wanted to try those noodles!!
    Bought a bag once...got scared and threw it away:(
    Are they "really" good!?!?!?!?